Monday, April 1, 2013

I'm Materalistic

I'd love to tell you I am not at all materialistic, but I can't, because I am.
I am mildly materialistic.  

I love Nordstrom shoes, nice wallets, and Nike work out gear.
  I like my Starbucks, Toms Shoes, and Paige Jeans.
I enjoy a Kate Spade bag, Express work attire, and Michael Kors watches.
And that's just me being honest.
There are days that I wish I were super frugal, thrift shop going lady.
 Because I see soooo many of you bloggers that are awesome, frugal, and amazing.
Your finds never fail to amaze me.

I'm not even sure when it happened, or how it happened.  I grew up in a 'normal' household.
But I guess normal is relative these days...
(If you read this post, or this post you might understand a little more of how I was raised)  
Unrelated picture, but she's still gone.
 I miss her.

I'm not saying I want the fanciest, or the newest, or the bestest,
but I do have some expectation for nice things. 

I think it came from my childhood. I always worked. Like always.
It started at twelve when I mowed the neighbors lawn and babysat.  I loved buying things myself.
My first BIG purchase was my awia 48 second anti-skip disc man.
Remember those things from way back when???
I was so proud. I love that I had earned myself the newest trendy thing.
 Things my parents would never have bought for me.
Those eyes, only three more weeks.
In High School my money indulgences changed to Express clothes, iPods, and one big trip to Europe.
That I worked three years scooping ice cream of all that.
It felt good 'not relying' on my parents for 'extra' things like dinners out with friends, getting my hair done, and trips to the mall.  I love the 'sense' of independence.
(I say 'sense' because in High School you have no idea about the costs of car insurance, health insurance, housing, gas, food, etc. so my 'sense' was relative for my age)
None of my friends were paying for the things I was paying for; I was proud.
Again my money gave me things that I wouldn't have had otherwise, and I liked it.

College came, and I was making more money than I ever had. I got 'sucked' in to Sorority life, which is expensive in nature.  The dues, the trips, the dresses, and the matching shirts.
I loved designer denim, Nordstrom shoes, and nights out at the bar.

And when I graduated with job (read about it here), I was happy that I had the money to go on fun trips, pay for my cell phone, car insurance and payments, and still maintain my lifestyle.
So the things I've done for myself have been 'nice'.
Again I'm not talking super fancy, but 'nicer' things appealed to me.

Like I said, sometimes I feel bad, while none of the things I love and indulge in are necessary.
I could easily find happiness in less expensive things, but I think it's the lessons I learned early in life, that hard work could buy me things I liked and wanted that I wouldn't get otherwise that made me a little materialistic.

P.S. I just bought this wallet, I did get it on super sale for $59, and I love it.

Yup, it's Michael Kors


  1. Not sure if you've heard about or tried the Stitch Fix...I'm fairly new to it but find it amazing! Designer clothes that they ship to you for free to try on & keep or return what you don't want. Just thought I'd share :)

  2. I used to be the exact same way except my parent's spoiled me rotten. I was an only child and had pretty much the best of everything. At 19 I got married though (and 14 years and 3 kids later) I've figured out how to be extremely frugal. For me it's the thrill of the hunt when thrifting, it's getting a great deal when I buy something on clearance and so on. I guess once my lifestyle changed my spending habits had to too and I'm okay with that. I say as long as you are working and have the extra money then it's totally okay to indulge. After all, you are the one working for it!


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