Thursday, January 17, 2013

Letter to me at 16

I don't know if you guys remember, but this whole blog was inspired by 
my East Coast bestie, Nadine.
If you haven't read her blog, get your little butt over there, 
because I said so she's awesome!

Last week, she wrote a letter to herself at sixteen (here).
And invited others to join.
How can I turn down her invitation???
So please enjoy.

Dear Kaylin,

You're almost too busy, it hurts. Just take a step back, a realize you might not be able to do it all, you're only human after all.  But never stop being proud of yourself.  How many of your friends work, play three sports, and go to school? Nope, none of 'em, you have a quality that allows you to  make things happen, don't lose that.

That job you talk about is at the local Cold Stone, that's right you sing when you get a tip.  But you are the cake maker, and making those Disney cakes is pretty darn awesome, especially for a girl that still sleeps in a twin bed under a Cinderella poster. 

You don't wear much make up, you don't straighten (or brush) your hair, and you sewed your own prom dress.  Some other girls might call you, 'weird', but you'll learn later it's refreshing.  You are pretty lucky though, you have a computer, TV (with cable), and phone in your room, this is awesome.   Also you randomly take salsa lessons with a group of your friends, this is awesome, and spontaneous. #aheadofyourtime.

But do me one favor, and please don't put those red 'high lights' in your hair, they really don't look as good as you think they do.  Also don't worry so much about your 'platform' J Crew flip flops or Puma Romas getting dirty, you should have bigger things to worry about.

Field Hockey is your life, you think you want to play in college, Division one, but is that realistic? You'll soon learn that's not what you want. You want to enjoy college, and not stress and commit yourself to something so large and time consuming.  The good news is your two best friends play hockey as well, and you'll know them FOREVER.  Do take time to thank Mom and Dad for driving you two hours each way to participate in an expensive Olympic development training program, all to help make your dreams come true.  They really didn't have to waste invest all that time (and money) on you, but you'll learn more in the coming years that they'll support you through it all.  Your happiness alone can fulfill them.

Tying fabric together does not mean it's a outfit...
Enjoy the fact that your older brother still lives in your same town. He often (but only when he knows Mom and Dad are gone for the weekend) calls you to get a ride home from 'The Bars' at 2am.  Despite this, he also is your biggest cheerleader, and works hard to make you gain perspective on life in general.  Take notes from his calm and collected demeanor, you need much of this in your future.  And one last thing, don't do anything to scare him, he loves you, if anything were to happen to you, he'd never be able to live with himself.

School passes your time, you are doing well, but you worry endlessly about what college you are going to go to.  When you live in a upper middle class town, and all of your best friends have cumulative GPA's  above a 4.0, your 3.89 seems sub par.  On top of that your brother got into a great school, and you don't want to be the second child who is not as smart as the first child.  Stop worrying, it all works out, and you'll love where you go to college, even if it is in the same town you grew up in. (Remember that from this post???)

I can't believe I even put this posted this picture.
Yes you can use if for blackmail if you want.

Enjoy that fact that your parents are still married, in love, and are not your best friends.  You may not see eye to eye now, but them acting as real parents will allow you to be closer later in life.  They will and will also teach you lessons that will put a smile on their face when you finally understand them.   Plus they trust you, let you got to parties, and do pretty much what you want, as long as you are honest, responsible, and punctual.  They really have something going here...take notes.

Lastly just keep everything in perspective, you have an ability to snowball ideas in your head, making things seem like a bigger deal than they actually are.  Your parents and brother will always love you, you'll be successful, and you'll find happiness wherever you go.

I wish I could say a lot of your quirks go away, but they don't.  And I wish I could say that your perspective on life totally changes for the better, but it doesn't. You're fairly in touch with reality for your age, keep that going.  Just remember others might will always pass judgement.

One last thing, it's hilarious that you just got your braces on this year.
Good news is you will get them off the day of your senior portrait.
Timing is Everything.

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