Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday: LIfe Update

Hi Zoey here,
 See this???
Yeah this is what Dad made for Mom the other day.
Similar recipe here.
Why does he spend so long making her dinner and not make me anything fancy???
Ricotta ans spinach stuff chicken sounds WAY better than whatever is chopped up and in my food.

Back to the point of this post.
See that toy to my right???
Yeah, it's AWESOME.
So awesome in fact, I chewed off one whole side the same evening I got it.
But that's not what so special about it.
It's an ANCHOR toy, from Mom's best friend, Nadine.
And they have some weirdo anchor bond thing happening that come from their 'sorority', whatever that is. But anyways you may of heard of Nadine, she has a puppy, Archie, who I am sure would be my best friend, if he lived in the same state in my same time zone.

This is what I did .0000483 seconds after Mom took this picture.
Don't Judge me.

Also I am so excited.
I am FINALLY old enough to go running with Mom.
It makes me happy, even if I do have wear that AWFUL running harness.
Okay enough from me, here's MOM.

Hi Guys, 
Happy FRIDAY!!!!!!!
If you follow me on istagram, you would have seen my fabulous new bracelet.
If you don't follow me, you're dumb you should.

When does F21 NOT have the most perfect accessories???

 Hope you are all ready for a THREE DAY WEEKEND.
About damn darn time, those two five day weeks were hard.



  1. Love that bracelet! I'm intrigued by the running harness. What is it and where did you get it?

    1. Thanks, I love the bracelet. It's just a regular dog harness, but it has an apparatus that goes around your waist, and clips to that, which makes it easier.


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