Tuesday, January 15, 2013

What I Wore: Beautiful Nail Edition

My first manicure, ever, was this past year.
Remember when I wrote about it here???

Well I have since fallen in love with this self indulgent pampering, 
but realize I can't do it ALL the time.
After a few, my nails get a bit tattered, and it's money I don't NEED to spend.

So when browsing Target the other day, I was attracted to these little friends.
Essie Nail Stickers

I've heard about them, and wondered just how well they work.
I bought the ones you see on the left (with the sparkles), and did a 'test set' of nails.
And as silly as I thought it sounded, you literally stick these bad boys on.

It's not my best effort.
I'm new to this whole process, but I will say, it's much easier than painting.
And, it looks pretty darn good!!!

Overall I am very happy with them. 
They still look like they did on day on one on day three, which is more than I can say
 about my self manicure efforts; they are chipped without a doubt by day two in the first ten hours.

They are a smidge pricey, $9 for a set, but it beats the price of a manicure.
I would say they are worth trying.
Especially for a specials events, parties, or celebrations.

Have any of you ever tried the nail stickers???
What did you think??

P.S. I am dying to try those leopard ones...


  1. I tried the Sally Hansen ones and was pretty impressed. They lasted longer than a regular manicure but I swear they took a lot longer to put on than just painting. I covered them with a clear coat in hopes they would last longer but I still only got about 5-7 days out of them.

    1. Yeah, I like them. I guess it's not super easy to do.
      Just love that once they are on, there is no waiting to dry :)

  2. I tried the Sally Hansen ones and loved them!! It took me a few tries to get on, as it was not as simple as just peel and stick!!

    1. Yeah I agree with you. But I mean I could never paint that design on my nails...I mean sparkle designs = Awesome!!!

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  3. I've been wanting to try these SO badly! I almost bought some at Target...maybe I'll give them a try :)


    1. Jessica two words. Try Them!!!

      that's it.
      have a god day :)


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