Monday, January 7, 2013

Ski Local: Tradition

It's kind of hard to pin point exactly when it happened,
falling in love for the first time is overwhelming.
 But I think I was six, when it happened.

How could a kid not like being dragged to the snow, and forced down a ski slope.
Okay, so I wasn't forced, my Dad taught me, patiently helping me pizza my way down the hill.
Why my family decided to teach me to do one of the most expensive recreational sports, I'm not sure.
But I thank them every day for making skiing an activity that my family loves.

 Yup that's my Dad, right there. 
Isn't he adorable??
I hope I have that much passion and energy when I'm his age.

And it's been something my entire family has enjoyed doing together for the past twenty years!
It does help that I grew up two hours away from some of the best skiing in the country.

But it's not so much the activity that I enjoy, okay well that's a lie.
But what I really love about skiing, is the peace of mind that it brings me.
When I am skiing there is nothing else in the world that matters, any stress, thought, 
or anything else happening in my life disappears. It's almost like magic.

And that is what inspired the name of my little blog.
 Stay Blonde, Ski Local.
Two things I believe in whole heartedly.
Two things that have strong meaning to me, and represent parts of who I am.
 Anyways, Saturday was my first day on the slopes, my first day of the season;
It was a brilliant one at that.  Blue skies, and perfect cruiser slopes, 
and Mom and Dad skiing with me.

What is it that brings you complete peace of mind?
When does your world disappear?


  1. I started skiing when I was 3. Love it! I grew up just outside Lake Placid, NY so I skiied Whiteface every Sunday my entire life. I totally get your love affair with it.

    1. Oh my goodness. Twinsies...LOVE LOVE LOVE to ski, and glad you do too!!!!

      LOVE affair hardly describes it.

  2. I've been skiing once - and I lived 20 minutes from a ski place. #fail

    But I loved this post and what skiing really means to you!

    1. You should try it again :) It's easy to fall in love with!!

  3. I love that you ski! I live in Tahoe and spend my weekends snowboarding! I'm assuming you're in Nor Cal since you said you grew up 2 hours from some of the best skiing :)

    Pray for snow!



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