Sunday, January 20, 2013

True Love Found in a Albumn

If this isn't the most precious picture you've ever seen,
then you're crazy.
Because this is what two people in LOVE look like.

This is a picture of my grandparents just before they were married.
Grandma is getting older, as we all do, so I've been spending more time with her.
I'm lucky because I can. She lives right around the corner from where I work.
I spent a few hours going through photos with her, this weekend.

And the biggest smile I saw all weekend, was when she saw this photo.
Her quote, "Those were the days, I just love that man."

She may be one of the craziest ladies, I ever met.
And she definitely has a few habits that I would never want anyone else to have,
but all of these things have made her Grandma.

And, just to prove that the incident was not a isolated,
this is a picture of their first Christmas as a married couple.
 Please note the tinsel on the Christmas tree, and awesome curtains.
And they spent 56 more Christmas's together.
So they did something right.

Yup, that's all I have to share with you guys today.
I know that not all of us are able to have grandparents in our lives.
But I hope that those who have them, have been able to enjoy them, 
and appreciate them, for what they have to share.

And if you get a chance, sit down and look through their pictures.
They might amaze you.


  1. aww your grandma is the cutest!! so happy you are able to spend great quality time with yours :)
    grandma's are the best

    1. I am happy too!!! They were pretty darned cute!!! Happy Monday :)

  2. I love this. The pure joy on her face in the first picture just makes my heart happy. I hope that we'll both be so lucky in love. I know we both feel like we are already!

    1. I know, doesn't it make your heart happy. And yup, we are!!!!

  3. This just melts my heart! My grandma & grandpa were so very close too. My grandpa passed in December of 2011 and my grandma passed in December of 2012. She barely made it a year after she lost him. I still say she died of a broken heart.

    1. I would agree. How could they live without one another???
      Thanks for sharing, glad you can relate.


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