Thursday, April 25, 2013

Signs I'm Gettin' Older...

The other day while organizing pictures on my computer, I came the the realization that I am getting old.  Hate me for sayin' it, but I am definitely not getting any younger.

I don't say old in a bad way, I mean old as in entering a different phase of life.  College seems so distant, so far behind me, and so ridiculous.  In my head I started to compare college Kaylin with current Kaylin and then I had a light bulb. Blog post.

So here are a few things that came to mind that make me VERY aware that I am getting older. start browsing the wrinkle creams at Target (it's never too early to start right???)

...making dinner requires a recipe not a box or microwave

...'pre gaming' in a single glass of wine not an entire bottle of champagne...
cough, my 21st birthday, cough. pick up a dress at F21 thinking it'd be a really cute shirt, when in college it'd be a dress
(the one in the picture above probably probably should have been a shirt...just sayin')

...your exciting Friday is making a new recipe and playing game with friends with a bottle of wine

...8am is considered 'sleeping in' returns are used on things like oil changes, back splashes, and dog food.

...sleeping less than 6 hours a night almost kills you

...your facebook news feed is used for engagements, weddings, and babies
(remember this post??)

...your facebook news feed hasn't had photos added in the past two weeks
(would that EVER have happened in college??)

...reading is fun, not required
(If you haven't read this book, go read it now)

...working out is to get fit, not to burn off shots and beer.

...doing your hair isn't just for 'formals', it's for work meeting, weddings and bachelorette parties
...Monday nights are spent at exercise class, not sorority meetings

...Summer vacation is a week (if you're using your vacation days), not months

...the kids that are in college now were born in the mid nineties....yikes. realize that N'SYNC was cool a decade ago.
(but we all know Justin's still got it goin' on)

...wearing matching outfits with your friends is considered weird

Oh hey Nadine

...when the number of times you've been out 'til last call annually can be counted on one (maybe two) hands.

 Any other things that make you feel old?
I'd Love to hear 'em.


  1. Shoot! Now I feel old too = (

  2. Yes! I completely agree with everything in this post. And I wouldn't have it any other way. ;)

    Well, except for the fact that I seriously get 2 day hangovers. Those are never fun.

  3. haha i love this! My friends and I often talk about how old we are, like when you say your "going out" it means a glass of wine at 7, and home in bed by 9!
    And our tax returns are going for a driveway! haha i remember when it would go towards a Victoria's secret shopping spree.

  4. hahah YES, totally agree with all of these! and, i know a bottle of andre anywhere! i still (at one week shy of 30, crap) drink andre occasionally. i mean, am i gonna get a nice champagne for mimosa's? prob not!

  5. I don't think of it as getting older I think of "aged" like good cheese and wine!!

  6. How do you think one feels when they realize they are about to be 30 in 8 mths? That's me now a days.

  7. This is so true. I had a little chuckle. Yep. I am getting old lol.

  8. hahaha! Best post ever! First - you in a tight black dress and heels?...Heeeeeeeeeeey!!! ;) Second - Is it bad that I still rock out to NSYNC?? Third - I slept in til 7:30 this morning and though I wasted over half of my morning hahaha...Where did it turn in a complete 180 degrees?!

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