Monday, April 15, 2013

For the Love of a Blonde

I'm currently sitting in a drive thru car wash, touch less of course.

Thinking of all those funniest home videos of people who have left their windows down, open the door, or do something else dumb, and I can't help but think I could actually be one of those people.

The other day while getting drive thru, no judging- sometimes a girl just need a crunch wrap supreme, I went to pay and dropped my card between the pick up window and my car. 

I'm stuck. Can't open my door without hitting the pick up counter, can't reverse (there is someone behind me, probably laughing at me), so I have to pull forward.  Mind you the drive thru exit has very sharp turn. I pull forward, get out, grab the card, and then reverse hitting the curb while trying to maneuver the aforementioned curb.

Of course this would happen.
Of course.

The only reasonable explanation I can come up with, is the powers that be were punishing me for getting fast food.  In less of course you call it stupidity blonde, which it very well could be as well.

That's about all I got for you ladies.
Happy Monday
 P.S. This was my weekend.
Just add cleaning out all bedroom closets (SUPER FUN), a run, and a night out, and a trip to Target!


  1. Oh my gosh...that is totally something I would do! And now I REALLY want that hot dog! And your super cute scarf too!

  2. hahahaha omg!! that is horrible. i would so do that.

  3. oh no it is hard to watch that car washing video, ugh!! poor guy

  4. Oh nooo! That sounds like something I would do. Except I'd probably back into the other person or something, too, just to make it even worse. Haha

  5. I have totally done that before, except it was with cash instead of my card. The cashier was really annoyed with me. You're right, probably punishment for eating fast food haha.

  6. I've actually DONE this before while paying with cash and dropped the money. My biggest fear was it blowing away!

  7. That is seriously my fear in a drive thru. I can't even. And I LOL'd so hard at that gif!

  8. Hahaha..the car wash video is classic. Looks like a yummy weekend! Filled with cutie pies on your lap :)

  9. That gif is hilarious!! I had a friend in high school go through a car wash with her windows down, hahaha! So she came out with a soapy wet interior, ha!


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