Tuesday, April 2, 2013

A Day in the life of SBSL

Some of you bloggers have shared with me your daily routine.
Mine is no different than most.
Looking at it makes me feel so unproductive.

6:00am- alarm goes off, and I get up to go for a run. (I don't always make it running...)
6:50am- return from run and turn on shower
6:55am- get in the shower (if I don't run this is the normal time I get up and get in the shower).
7:15am- get out of the shower, and blow dry my hair.
7:25am- make breakfast (fried egg on cheesy toast with salsa, almost always)
I learned to love this breakfast when I was on Weight Watchers.
 7:30am- while finishing the my breakfast, I make my lunch.
7:35am- sit down to eat breakfast and read daily blogs, etc.
7:45am- make up time
8:00am- finish getting ready
8:15am- putsy around/blog/watch the news
8:45am- leave for the office
9:15am- get to work
snack on lunch all day
5-5:30pm leave the office
6:00pm- get home
6:30pm- start dinner
(sometimes we get take out, it's usually this)
7:00pm- eat dinner
9:00pm- get in bed and watch the 'tube'
9:30pm-10pm go to sleep

And if you were wondering this is exactly what I look like when I get out of bed.
This is horrifying, and I am not sure why I am sharing this picture...

You can blackmail me later. 

Also I'm back from my vacation tomorrow.
Bad news for me, good new for le blog, comments and such.
Talk to you all soon!


  1. You forgot the part where you talk to me on the phone for at least 20 minutes in the morning. Haha. Okay, not all days, but many days. Can't wait for you to be back!

  2. Aww you're so cute! Can't wait to hear about your trip :)

  3. Hahaha... hello sleeping beauty ;) I have to be at work at 7:30... so needless to say I can hardly drag myself outta bed by 6:00...


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