Friday, July 12, 2013

A Kiss and A Diving Dog

Fridays are simply wonderful, I am sure you all agree.
 A couple things happening here, in no particular order.

The State fair is here, and I'm beyond exited for the photo booth, cheese curds, and milk shakes.  All of which will be happening tonight. Also I love people watching at the fair, I'd say it's probably second best people watching out there, second only to the airport.
I'm going to Chicago next weekend for a Bachelorette party, and I'm pretty sure it's going to be one of the most epic weekends of the summer (second to the wedding to ensue of course).  I've been many places, but never there. I am ready for some pizza, pictures at the bean, and roof top bars.  I've heard all of them are fabulous.
Our Zoey girl has been diving a little bit, but yesterday she dove to the deep end of the pool. I didn't catch that one on my phone, but here is a little clip of just how much our dog likes to scuba.

 And like I've been saying for the past three weeks. I promise to give you guys more next week.
When I'm not tired sick, and basically an embarrassment to all bloggers.
Thanks for your continued support.

I hope you have a fabulous weekend!!!


  1. a) i love that skirt. b) why are state fairs the greatest thing ever. sign me up for some fried foods, please. c) i don't have a c... maybe just more fried foods?

  2. You give me that skirt and necklace right now! And come over to teach Bella how to dive. That is all. Happy Friday.

  3. Love Love Love your sweet Zoey!! I have never seen a dog dive like that!

  4. Ohhh you are going to love Chicago! It is so amazing in the summer!

  5. Zoey is sooo precious! I love your outfit!


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