Thursday, July 25, 2013

Girls NEED Girl Time

I'm well aware this is a 'repeat' picture, it appears in Tuesday's post, but I don't even care because I love it, I don't care, I love it....anyone see what I did there?  If you get it, one point for you, if you didn't get it clearly, you need to listen to the radio more.

This weekend was a total college throw back, the epitome of a girl's trip (but how can a Bachelorette party not be?), and the definition of what a girl needs in her life every now and again.

The other day, my bestie (who is visiting in 23 days) called me having a full on panic attack.  It wasn't the fake oh-my-gawd-I-just-stepped-on-the-scale-and-was-three-pounds-heavier-than-I-was last-week type of panic attack that us, somewhat vain middle twenties gals face all the time, it was real. And she said, "I just want to put on a short, tight dress, go out, drink, and dance....and I want to dance, and I want to drink." (She may have been reminiscing on our years as sorority girls, but you all know every blogger used to be one.)
Yes this picture is from 2008, sigh we're getting old.
And right then she affirmed everything that I have come to learn about girls in my almost quarter century; us girls need girl time. 

So instead of going to the Doctor to get anxiety prescription, she booked a flight visit, because that's what every rational girl would do, and because a drunken weekend of dancing, five zillion iPhone pics, restaurant Mac 'n Cheese, and GIRLS should for cure her for sure.  I know this weekend did me wonders.

If not guess we'll just have to think of something else.

P.S. Did I mention I have another bachelorette party this weekend? 
Is there such thing as too much girl time?
I think not.


  1. I'm graduating college this year and freaking out about 'what I'm going to do' which is what my parents continue asking. Girl time will be my sole savior this year (especially since it's the last year I'll be actually in my sorority :().

  2. your real life besties will do more for you than any crazy doc ever could!

  3. AGREED. Hence, my bunco groups :)

  4. I have found the CURE! And it is Kaylin. I'm so excited to visit and I'm so glad that you picked up the phone mid-panic attack. Love you.

  5. You speak my language! I am going to need to plan a girls trip stat. 26... time for a "who am I?" crisis! Only my girlfriends can fix it!

  6. Girl time is so, so good! Especially if you haven't seen your girls in a while. I wish my college bff's lived closer! They need to take a cue from your girl Nadine and book a flight!

  7. how nice to have a last minute girls trip/weekend!!

  8. Love this idea and I completely agree girls really do need Girl Time! Enjoy it when she arrives...

    x Natalie


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