Tuesday, July 9, 2013

A Rare Car Wash and Three Other Things

I officially got my car washed, and I'm thinking I should probably do it more often. Something about riding around in a clean set of wheels is really satisfying. That us until you realize your $25 'deluxe' car wash will last all of two seconds due to your commute.  Oh the first world problems I struggle with on the daily, certainly am blessed.

Other things in my life that are mildly unorganized, which constantly make me seem like I might not be qualified for adult life.

....my inbox actually has 468 read, unsorted, 'important' emails.  To find them, I just search for them. 
To some it might seem like the least efficient way to do things, but to me it works.  I'll probably sort them all, on my phone, in one sitting while waiting for something.

....I respond to 98% of my personal emails on my phone, truth. Why you ask? 
I'm not even sure, I do have a awesome very functional computer.

....cleaning out the center council of my car (prior to said car wash), I found 32 Target receipts. How the center council became the collector of all Target receipts, I am not sure.  You bet your sweet A**, I didn't add up the total, I probably would have cried (and wished I had a red card they ask me about every.single.time. I check out).

It's normal to walk your dog like this right???


  1. Haha, I'm going to have to say it's not normal to walk your dog like that, though it's quite funny. I came back from vacation and since my dad was using my car he washed it for me (thank god). Have a great day.
    xo, Maria

  2. A clean car makes me drive faster, so I try to wash it as little as possible. That dog is probably thinking, "y'all are the laziest bunch of schmoes I've ever met," but it is pretty smart.

  3. I have the same receipt problem...but in my purse..maybe that's why my shoulder hurts most of the time. And a car wash? What is that? P.S. - Zoey is getting a fantastic workout. Good Daddy. :)

  4. Chris ties Wrigley and Bailey to his bike and they pull him...so I suppose Chris is the one getting walked....so your case is totally normal :)

  5. I hate washing my car. I just always feel like I could be doing something better or I worry a bird will poop on it the minute it's clean. But I REALLY need to.

  6. Reminds me I need to get mine washed. I am afraid to get in the automatic one though. Once my car got stuck/damaged. :(

  7. speaking of. i really, really need to wash my car. and whatever you do don't add up the target monies! bad life decision.

  8. I never wash my car. Like, ever. I think at this point it wouldn't even look any different. Props to you though ;)

  9. oh my lord, after being in tahoe my car is COMPLETELY green and I don't even know where a car wash is around here! My Florida brain slightly thought "hey, maybe they don't do that in CA to save water.." nope, I'm just lazy. Also, I got that red card.. Dangerous, I tell you!!! And I'm at about 1,000 unread emails at this point... fail.


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