Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Anyone who is Anybody Doing Anything Does it in Summer

I found love for $14.98 on the Target sales rack last week, and I think it's clear why.
In the midst of our hot summer days and a heat wave, it's like wearing Pajamas in public,
which is in one word perfection.

How I love a good Maxi dress in the summer, though I often feel like I'm running out of time to wear them, and this is why I love to hate, and love to hate summer.
Everything happens in the summer, honestly everything.

If you're an anybody do anything, you're probably doing it in the summer.
 Read: Weddings, Bachelorette Parties, Bridal Showers, Vacations, Family BBQ's, Babies, and Birthdays.  Not even sure why I capitalized every item in the list, it just seemed necessary to make them stand out more.  I know better, I promise.  So hold on tight, for thirteen busy weekends your life that will feel like they are on fast forward.

If you ask me, the calendar year goes a little something like this January, February is a short month anyway, so why really count it.  St. Patrick's Day, then it's April, nothing happens, and boom it's Memorial Day and you blink and summer's gone, and Christmas decor is up in all Target stores.

Though we all claim to love 'layering' our clothes, and 'having a more versatile wardrobe' but who are we really trying to fool.  There is not much better than throwing on a pair of cut offs, a tank, and converse or flip flops and heading out the door.  There nothing, and I mean nothing more comfortable than a Maxi, and you certainly can't tell me that a rain jacket is a 'cute' accessory.

Now don't be getting all critical on me, because yes I am ski gooroo, so I do, by default and obligation, love winter.  But skiing in the sanity that gets me through the winter.  You certainly can't sit on your back patio with Strawbertia in hand during the winter, and there is something oddly satisfying and simple about that...something about the sunshine brings out more smiles.

So the fourth of July, to me marks the half way point of summer, which we all know freaks me out because it means I am that much closer to my birthday (I'm about to be a full quarter century) and I'm busy living over here.  So damn you summer for being half way gone, and here's to enjoying the second half.  I'll be enjoying it in my maxi.


  1. My love for maxis knows no bounds. I just bought the most adorable red one this past weekend, and have had to stop myself from wearing it at some point on Monday, Tuesday and today. It is exactly what you say, pajamas in public, which is a much better alternative to what we know I would normally be wearing: bathing suit and Snuggie. ;)

  2. I am OBSESSED with that dress! I wonder if it's online? I may have to steal! That price is ridiculous.

  3. Lovvve that dress and the price! And this year and this summer are FLYING by, it makes me sad.

  4. This year is FLYING by. I don't know how I feel about it!!!! I need summer year round I am pretty sure

  5. I've learned to relish every day in the summer. Having kids in school reminds you to do this. Love the bargain dress!

  6. $14 bucks! Score. Love this. Come link up!

  7. 1. We never have good finds like this at our Target :(
    2. Yes, Summer is way to busy cause I miss you so much already.
    3. You pull off a maxi like no other and I love it. Maxi is a like a day time pj that's appropriate anywhere...totally agree.

  8. You look so cute! Also, why does time fly now but used to move at a glacial pace when we were in college??

  9. don't get me all depressed by telling me summer is almost over. next thing you know it will be raining in portland for the next 9 months and i will be in a slight state of depression over here.

  10. I absolutely love maxi dresses! You're totally right how it's like wearing pajamas in public, the comfort level is incomparable!!! Even though I'm shrimp and usually have to wear them with heels, they're a must. And yours is super cute!

  11. yesss, summer is the best. and you look adorable.


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