Friday, June 21, 2013


Oh hey there Friday, thanks for dropping by again, that was thoughtful.
Also, you can't see me, but my smile isn't that big.  It ain't big for nothing, for tomorrow I'm meeting my niece IN PERSON tomorrow,
 and I can't flippin' wait any longer.  
 With each picture I get, my anticipation grows.  How you, such a small little human has struck me with such wonder, joy, and pride all at the same time.  You leave me dumbfounded, as if to say, Look Auntie K, life is an amazing gift, take it and cherish it, it passes by quickly.

And to your profound influence, I will share my feelings of love speechless, as I hold you. 
Saying, you're right baby girl, life is a gift, without even speaking a word.

Although you won't ever have the pleasure of being the baby of the family (except right now that is), you'll grow up with loving supporting parents and family that teach you (by example) how to be a good person, how to be thankful, how to work hard, and how to give and receive love, which is all you really need. 
You'll probably be the cutest darned thing we've ever seen when you start taking wobbly footsteps, I'm sure when you say my name (however you say my name) my eyes will tear up, with the thought that someday when I have kids, they will be just as special as you are, and my emotions will be on overload.
For now though, while your still young enough to put up with ridiculous bows on your head, and onesies that say ridiculous things, I'll take in as much as I can.  I want as much of your fresh perspective, as much of your flawlessness, and as much of your ability to absorb and learn from what's around you.

We all have a lot to learn from you little one. 
Thanks in advance for teaching us new things, 
and for reminding us of things we have since forgotten.

You are perfection.


  1. how exciting! being an aunt is the best!!!

  2. Such a wonderful feeling!! Being an aunt really is the best!

  3. Enjoy it, especially the delicious baby smell!

  4. Aww! You're going to be a great aunt, and congrats to your entire family!

  5. I loved this post so much! So excited for your weekend :)

  6. Awww! Adorable! Enjoy the sweet sweet baby smell! :)

  7. Soooooo sweet friend!!! Love it... yay for being an Auntie K!! Can't wait to see lots of pics this weekend!!!

  8. How sweet!

  9. Can't wait to see pictures! From another Auntie, enjoy it!!


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