Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Seven Reasons I Still Dress Like A Kid

A while back, I told you guys, I suck at sexy
and I was so overwhelmed with all your emails and comments.
Made me feel awesome, a true reminder of why I blog.
After more serious thought of 'style' and what not, I came to this realization.
We all dress like kids.
(this is a serious generalization, but hear me out)
The proof is in the pudding, or the ice cream, whichever sounds better to you!

I still wear stretchy pants (even to work sometimes). I guess most would call them 'leggings' but we all know that's just a fancier name for those colored ones your Mom bought you to wear under your dresses and skirts.

One word Romper.  I got one as a gift, and I love it, but I am also confident that my niece will be wearing the same thing as me. Although I am thinking hers might not be leopard print... I guess this means I need to find one for her.

Tights. I rocked colored and patterned tights all the time growing up. My Mom would call them 'darling' if she were describing a picture of four year old me wearing them.  Little did she know I'd still be wearing them twenty plus years later...some things never change Mom. 

Half my wardrobe is still from Target, as it was also true when I was 8, and I am pretty sure this will never change.  I mean how could one avoid buying clothes at Target?? I think it'd be near impossible.  I picked up this shirt the other day, and love it!!!

Mixing Patterns is acceptable when you're little and picking out your own clothes; so even if it's red gingham and yellow stripes work.  Well such is the case today.  Pattern mixing (I love her blog) is all the go now, super trendy, and cute.  Who knew the six year old version of me was on to something??

Hand crafted 'flare' is in. How many pins do you see of DIY scarves and jewelry?? How much money could you blow on etsy right now??  Now remember that weaving class you took in third grade, this is still cool. On a completely separate hand crafted note, I just ordered a head wrap for here, it's pretty awesome!!!

Anything goes when you're little, because you're little and 'it's cute'.  But truth be told (love those cliche lines) the same applies today.  If you wear something edgy (or that you are uncertain of) just act like you know what you're doing, like you did when you when you were little and didn't 'know any better', and you'll be fine. Trust me.

So basically, our style hasn't changed, and we all dress like kids.


  1. I love this!!! Lol it's so true :)

  2. It's true, except when I was little it was a shiny purple jacket and bright red tights x_x
    My dress sense is slightly better now, but I always suck at sexy - it's comfort & cost over looking edgy and awesome.

  3. I don't think I could live without Target! They have the best shoes, cutest bathing suit and cover ups...not to mention accessories!

  4. Hhaha yes and yes. Is it also ok that I still act like a kid?

  5. Haha I love that GIF at the beginning! I actually LOL'd! And yes..half my wardrobe is from Target!

  6. Ice cream...ice cream is always better ;) And my wardrobe consists of similar items.. cause I'm a Toys R Us kid ;)


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