Wednesday, June 19, 2013

The Worst Nose in the Family and an Overstyled Look

My Grandma once told me I had 'the worst nose in the family'.
Which, if you were wondering, will NOT boost your self confidence.
Her consoling words after my reaction (insert face of complete shock and heartbreak here) were,
"I've always hated mine too," which really aren't consoling at all.
Not quite the words I was looking for Grandma, sorry.
But when you realize, it's the only one you got to work with, you have to run with it.
Or you style it with a head band and statement necklace.  But while we're talking about my nose,
I have never really disliked my nose, or even given it much thought until she brought it up.
After of course, immediately started thinking I looked like a bird.
Exhibit A below.
Hello Beak, nice to meet you, I'm Kaylin.
Also can we talk about all the super artistic bloggers that take flawless pictures
 look so un-posed and natural.  How do you do it???  I am clearly not one of 'em. 

That aside,  if you're thinking I don't look silly here, you'd be lying. 
Not only is my beak nose staring you in the face, I have completely over styled my new Lemons and Lace head band. The headband it's self is perfection, the stylist, however, sucks.
 I was lost when I put this look together.  The black maxi skirt I had planned to pair it with, didn't pan out because it was actually in the washing machine when I went to get dressed. 
Can you say lack of preparation anyone?
So now as a exercise of imagination, just picture this exact same outfit except instead of pants a maxi, and instead of layered teal tanks a white basically a completely different outfit.
You have a vision???  Congratulations you have an awesome imagination, and you know how I will style my headband next time.
Also why is it that everyone who rocks a sassy headband has long hair?
It is a sign I shouldn't try it?

Now back to noses.
If you don't laugh at this, you are not human.

I'd like to make a GIF of myself doing this just for kicks.


  1. I personally love that outfit girl!!!! if it's got teal it's a winner!

  2. 1. your headband is phenom
    2. So is marky mark!

  3. i'm trying to get the guts up to rock a headband like this! maybe i'll be brave and try it ;)

  4. I wish I could rock a headband like you and I like your nose. Noses are tough I think everyone hates theirs

  5. Cute outfit. Embrace the nose. I think mines too big.

  6. Pshhhttt there's nothing wrong with your nose! I think every girl just dislikes at least one part of themselves on at least 5 out of 7 days a week. My nose is too freckly sometimes, and sometimes I'm like "Awww cute little freckles!" I sound crazy... Uh... I'm not all that crazy...

  7. Stop it!!! And quit making it funny with Marky Mark! haha ;) You are flipping adorable my friend... you and your gansta head band...word.

  8. I just ordered a Lemons and Lace headband! You look so cute in yours!


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