Tuesday, June 4, 2013

If I Had a Stalker...

If I had a stalker, I'd want this guy working on my 'case', because he's so damn sexy my favorite character on Criminal Minds he's so sexy.
How could you resist that smile (and body)???

And if I had a stalker, I'd probably be easy to stalk, I'm a creature of habit, like whoa.
 If you couldn't tell I was my mothers daughter, you'd know by the lunches we pack.
She's eaten the same lunch every day for her entire life, and seeing as how the apple doesn't fall far from the tree....so do I.
 I digress...
 Morning run, work, same lunch every day, home, walk the dog, hang out, sleep, repeat.
You get the picture.

But if I were a stalker of the forever21 website.
I'd be admiring this
Wanting this...
Lusting over this
Dreaming of being able to rock these
with these
And actually ordering this

And if I had a stalker, he (or she) could have found me here this weekend.
Enjoying the view!!!
 Hope you all had a great weekend!!!!


  1. i would stalk you. just saying. i mean not really but whatever.

  2. this is a cute post. :) I'm glad you don't actually have a stalker though.. that would be terrifying. ;)

  3. i am a major creature of habit too!! and i liked this post :)

  4. I'd want Morgan investigating too :)

  5. The gif of Morgan totally made my day. He could be on my case any day lol.

  6. Cute post! I'd sure want him investigating too! That smile made my morning!

  7. Mmm, that smile. He's so dreamy.

  8. Um, D. Morgan//aka Shemar Moore//aka Mr. Sexy pants is actually my husband. Sorry you didn't get the memo ;)

    Also, I'm a creature of habit too. I hope I don't have a creepy stalker, but if I did - I'd probably be really awkward about it haha

  9. I think I am the official F21 stalker... my shopping cart is so full and I can't justify choosing any items to not get right now. :/

  10. This made me laugh. Thanks for sharing :)



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