Wednesday, June 26, 2013

When your skirt is see through, just wear two...

First, you are welcome for this face.
Second, I'm over here today, go check it out and win awesome goodies.
Third, this skirt is see through.
Good news is, this was determined before I left the house, when I was told by
 my boyfriend in a very polite way that I '...probably shouldn't wear that skirt to work.' 
But I was determined, and put on a tight bondage skirt under as a make shift slip.
Because it's totally normal to wear two skirts to work.
Mom would tell me to put on a slip, 
but who in our generation owns one of those (do you???)
So when life gives you lemons, make lemonade.
Shirt//New York & Co.
Shoes//Nine West


  1. adorable outfit! I wish I could pull off some of the things you wear! They are adorable

  2. Ha! Very innovative. I totally love the skirt(s)! What do you work as?

  3. hey, that's brilliant. rock it.

  4. Love it. Ya, a no go on the slip. My mom told me the same thing a couple weeks ago....oh moms. Bless their soul, hahha!

  5. Sounds like you are saving money on a slip by using what you own... moms are so silly.

  6. I have several slips. I actually use them all the time! Primarily because I've had one two many skirts fly up in the air in the wind. ;)

  7. The slip today is called spanx. Love this look!

  8. SO CUTE. I own a slip. It's gross and old-ladyish and I needed it for a dress I wore for a wedding when wearing two skirts was not an option. Otherwise, I would have worn two skirts.

  9. that skirt is too cute! I love it!


  10. Haha, this is awesome! You go, girlfriend! The skirt looks great and putting on another skirt under it was a great idea! By the way, the first pic. is priceless!

  11. See-through or not that skirt is gorgeous! Nice job making it work :) Seriously who owns slips anymore? Haha. Loving that cute belt too.
    Visiting from the link-up :)

  12. Loooove it! You're so inventive :)


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