Thursday, June 6, 2013

The 'Morning After' Advice

It's almost Friday, and that is simply amazing.
We're heading out to a Brew Fest this weekend!!!!
 (follow me on instagram for the play by play)
 As if summer isn't great enough already lets add Drinking Festivals. 
While this weekend is a 'Brew Fest', I have a feeling the weekend might include more dranks like strawbertias, (....mojitos, fireball, JD, and all other alcoholic beverages).
I'm not trying to foreshadow any events of this weekend, but last year at the Brew Fest, I ended up finding blueberry beer and drinking eight of them, eatin' my body weight in chips and guacamole, and brought almost an entire bowl home on my shirt.  When we got home we were convinced we were locked out, until seventeen thirty one phone calls and a set of keys (that were in our pocket the entire time) were found. 
Yeah, it's gonna be a good weekend.

So I'm preparing to go thru the eight step 'morning after' drinking process...

Take a Purse Inventory
It might have gotten crazy on the dance floor,  and things may have gone flyin'.
Be sure you have all your cards, your ID, phone, camera, and anything else you might have brought out with you. 

Shower Up
Simple, I know, but it's likely your hair, breath, and body smell with the lingering staleness of beer, sweat, and possibly cigarettes.  Additionally there may be some stamps on your hand. You need to eliminate all of these things, as fast as possible.  A shower is the only cure. 

Do 'Damange Control' on your Phone
Check your phone to affirm what you don't know might not know from the night before.
See if you did the standard girl 15 texts and seven phone calls to that 'special' someone (unless of course you were with them). If you have it's probably easiest just to delete the evidence (delete all the texts and calls from your phone) and call it good. 

G2's are really the best thing to drink, and while your drinking it, swig down a ibuprofen or two (or four) to properly prepare the inevitable headache.

Check Your Bank Account
Check your bank account, lezbehonest, you probably bought a few more kamikazes fireball shots than you thought.

Comfy Cozy Up
Put on your most comfiest, coziest, pajama like yoga pants and tank/shirt.
Anything that feels more like pajamas and less like actual clothes MUST happen.

something greasy. Breakfast burritos, Starbucks breakfast sandwiches, and bagels often do the trick.
I also enjoy goldfish, white cheddar cheese its, and

Sit down on the couch only after setting up your 'station'. G2, water, salty snack, and phone all on the coffee table. This way you're set up for hours, and don't have to move anywhere for hours all day.

Hope you all have a Great Weekend!!!!

P.S. I just watched Princess Dairies this week (it was on TV, and I was reminded of just how great that movie is.  Did you know that Christina from Greys Anatomy is also in Princess Diaries? I had NO IDEA!


  1. Have fun girl!!! That sounds like a blast!!!!!

  2. Love this! Have fun at Brew Fest!!

  3. Ah I totally watched that movie again after Grey's and was like whaaaa when I saw Christina acting so un-Christina-ish. She's also in that movie where three women go to Italy together after one of them gets divorced or something. I can't think of the name of it.

    Have a blast at Brew Fest, will definitely be living vicariously throuhg your IG pictures!

  4. Have fun at brew fest! ALso, thanks for the reminders. We have a wedding this weekend and this will help me on Sunday while I try and piece my life back together. Cheers.

  5. Love these- I do them all too. Especially the purse check.

  6. Have fun at Brew Fest. And your morning after looks pretty identical to mine! Especially the obligatory drive through for the greasiest breakfast burrito possible.
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  7. This post was so fun to read! Love it.

  8. Hahaha! This is the most amazing advice. Greasy food is a must. Also, Christina Yang as the weird principal is my favorite role of hers EVER!

  9. Ha Ha- Sounds like you might just have an awesome weekend
    Enjoy :)

  10. Hahaha!! This is always the routine after an epic weekend. Have fun my friend. Wish I was going to brewfest with you ;)


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