Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DSLR Lessons Anyone???

I am clearly in deseperate need of camera (DSLR) lessons.
Like whoa.
So I ask you guys, have you four anything helpful when learning to use your DSLR??
Each week I share pictures I've taken (and most I haven't taken) that
 I swear should be fabulous, but they are not.
 Let's just call them lackluster.
I also struggle with taking my camera places, and considering I've almost had it for a year (thanks to the Worlds Best Boyfriend), that's embarrassing.
Plus, it clearly violates rules three and four of blogging world.
3. Always have your camera with you
4. Don't be afraid to take picture in public

To which I usually say, I have an iPhone.
And my conscious says and so does everyone 
I don't need anything fancy. I'll even take an online webinar and count it as a class.
I just need to learn to start getting comfortable with the camera, the settings, the aperture (I only know the word is photography related, I have of how it's actually related) , and all of that jazz.

So I made a personal goal.
Two educational DSLR lessons/classes on how to use my DLSR.
Has anyone taken a DSLR webinar, online class, or actual class they found helpful?
I'd love to know.
Please tell me your secrets.


  1. whatever lessons you might need, you did great with these pics and you look beautiful!

  2. now im no pro, but im learning more everyday. ive had my dslr for about a year now and im just getting the hang of manual.
    this book helped a lot
    even though its kind of geared to moms, it breaks things down into simple language instead of all the photo jargon thats hard to understand.

    another thing that you will read/hear all the time is 'take your camera off of auto' and its SO TRUE. manual is crazy hard to grasp, since you have to control exposure, and aperture and shutter speed, but take baby steps. I moved from auto to 'aperture priority' and started taking better pictures. then i would dabble in manual as i learned more. one day things kind of clicked for me and i understand manual settings soo much better.
    i would take pictures of random things like a couple of mugs on the coffee table, in order to learn my way around manual. no one ever has to see those pictures, but it will help you understand aperture and exposure and shutter speed. it helped me a lot!

  3. You need to go to this website and read EVERYTHING.

  4. 1. Can you say cute tush in that adorable skirt? Cause I just did ;)
    2. I requested a new fancy camera for my birthday next month, so I am no help. I will most likely ask you for camera advice that you learned haha.

  5. let us know if you find anything helpful. i'm hoping to buy a dslr soon, but then i know it'll take me forever to learn how to use it.
    -- jackie @ jade and oak


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