Thursday, June 20, 2013

If my life were a musical....

I have exactly two dance moves.
That is until I am drunk I have had a couple of drinks, and then, game on.
I'll dance to ANYTHING, ANY SONG.
 Exhibit A- dancing at my Brother's Wedding (and you know my track record with weddings)

And somehow on a totally unrelated note,
this made me realize that if I my life were a musical, it'd be a little silly.
I would totally rock out my two dance moves to any of these songs.
(Remember my undying love for him??)

The first music I was ever really 'into', was the Top Gun soundtrack.  Amazing what a brother four years older will get you hooked on.  Mom and Dad say when he was six and watching Top Gun at least once a week, I would attempt to sing along to 'Danger Zone'. Man I wish they had that on video.
Then I progressed to 'The Disney Phase', okay so admittedly, this phase is still happening, but what does that matter right???  The summer of 1994 was spent on a four week road trip from California to Montana and back, and the Lion King tape probably played for 96.493% of the trip.
Who doesn't love to sing, 'I'm Gonna be a Mighty King' seven times in a row at the top of your lungs??? The answer my older brother.
Then we fall into the classics phase. Mom somehow get her eight year old hooked on Grease, good one. How was I supposed to know that singing "...Look at me I'm Sandra-dee lousey with virginity..." on the way into church was inappropriate. I didn't know the darn meaning, sorry for making you look like a terrible Catholic mother Mom.  As a side note when I watch this movie now I realize, it's basically the original American Pie.
The nerd in me took over in fourth grade, and I missed the Spice Girl phase (though I am a full fledged Spice Grils lover now), and stuck mostly to stamp collecting.  Whoa, that's something you guys didn't need to know.
I bought my first CD using my allowance money, and so I was rockin' out to N'SYNC's first album.  It was three solid months before I could afford another CD, which was inevitably Back Street Boys. Both of whom I later saw in concert (with my Mom). Thanks for that by the way, Mom you're a trooper for letting me explain to you that JC was going to be my husband, while I was wearing jean overalls and a pink shirt from Mervyn's.
Junior High came around and out went the stamp collection, and Nelly was in the house, Taking off all his clothes. Usher had some rockin' slow jams too. (BTW daymn that man is still good lookin').
High School was a entire mixture of music. It was mostly Tim McGraw and Rascal Flatts, but this is also when my love for Akon really started.  I also had a fling with High School Musical that may have last through college, just maybe though.
On more 'emotional days' (how does one have these when you're 16, I'm not even sure) but it was Maroon 5, and the Garden State sound track, oh and let's just top that off with The Fray, How to Save a Life.  Seriously have pathetic was I?? 

Then there was college which was basically about how loud you could blast your music (read frat parties) no matter what that music was, but a few that stick out of Soulja Boy, Just Dance, Party in the USA, and Forever.

And now I am all about anything that I can sing rock out to.
So mostly Country and Overproduced Pop Music.
And I am not even ashamed of it.
Right now, it's these two songs.


  1. well how much do i love this? a lot. a whole love. you and i need to dance it out together.

  2. This is a great post idea! And now I have How to Save a Life stuck in my head. xx


  3. You know how partial I am to musicals... so am equally partial to this it. And during our next blate, we will duet Summer Nights ;)


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