Friday, June 28, 2013

I hope any pink car is a Mary Kay Car...and my Random Thoughts

A pink Mercedes big pimpin' on the freeway yesterday that looked like this (not even joking)
Who the eff heck drives a pink car???
...and here are my thoughts on it.

1. I hope it's a Mary Kay company car
2. Barbie, where is your Ken?
3. Is this Ashley Tidsdale in High School Musical 3?

Among other things it's Friday, and we're on the road flying out (again) tonight for a wedding tomorrow.  Fingers crossed I behave better than I did at the last one, remember that??

I'd probably be better off if I hadn't stayed up 'til 1am last night sitting and talking by the fire, oh and drinking a strawbertia magic.
I'll probably sleep during my two hour flight after work and then be wired when we arrive at 10:30.
Oh did I mention it's supposed to be 110+ this weekend too...insert I am wearing work out spandex under my dress to avoid awkward butt sweat marks here, sexy I know.

 In other news, I am sorry I sucked at blogging this week.
Next week little blog, we'll be better friends.
This week, it just wasn't in the cards.


  1. Have a fun weekend! Text me funny drunk dancing Auntie K pictures! :)

  2. Haha! Ashley Tisdale. Perfect reference!

  3. If it's not a Mary Kay rep, or Ashley Sharpay Tisdale, then I don't even know. That ain't right.

    Haha, is it bad that a small (BIG) part of me hopes that it's Barbie's Mercedes?

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