Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Plus Ten Pounds

A year ago (give or take) today, I was officially ten pounds lighter, and I hate (sorry Mom, I'm using that word, and I know you don't like it) that feeling.
As much as I like to think I don't care about how I look. I do. I care.
 I care A LOT.
If you haven't read my story of weight loss via weight watchers, you can here.
I felt really good after I finished and had success keeping the weight off, which brought me continued happiness.  But at my annual appointment (that was lovely) I saw those three numbers on the scale, and I looked away. It made me sad.
I've been working out (strength training) WAY more than I was a year ago.
My strength has improved in measurable ways, and after reviewing my measurements, I'm 3" less (overall) the same as I was last year at this time, so it's apparently 'all muscle'.

My mind gets it, but my brain can't quite 'see' past the numbers.
I need to remind myself to keep it all in perspective, that a number is just a number, and that at the end of the day, we're all just a work in progress.
We might not all be working on the same things, but we're all working on ourselves. Some people are working on fitness, others are working on personal resolutions, relationship building, etc. 
And I am sure we're all doing a combination of all listed above, it's important to keep things in perspective. It's just one thing.
It's just a number.
I'm feeling confident in myself, my work, my relationships, and my life.
So what does that measley little number mean anyway?
Quite your mind Kaylin, it's all going to be okay.
Shirt//Target (similar)
Shoes//Target circa 2008
Glasses//Kate Spade (similar)
P.S. These wedges are my favorite and they are dying, 
so I have to wear them sparingly :(
Happy Wednesday!!!


  1. I think you're super cute! If you've been strength training and you're down in inches, it's totally muscle. OWN IT! I can be up or down 5 lbs depending on the day.

  2. I was on weight watchers too...loved it.. YOU LOOK AMAZING. no need to worry about those pesky numbers girl!!! BTW love that outfit..too cute!!!!

  3. You look awesome! But I totally understand what you're saying because I feel the same way--I'm also about 10lbs heavier than I was at this time last summer, but I have been strength training consistently the past year and am way stronger too. And I totally know that it's not about a number, but at the same time it can also be a little discouraging to get on the scale! Oh well! :)

  4. You said - it's just a number!! You look incredible. Plus if you are strength training, muscle weighs more than fat. ;)

  5. Girl, you look great! And yes, it is just a number. A couple of months ago I was getting all depressed about the numbers on the scale, even though my clothes were getting looser. Muscle really does weigh more than fat, and the most important thing is that you're strong and healthy! Strong is the new skinny!

  6. Friend, you are adorable and look great in my opinion! and those wedges! Super cute! I was thinking how great they are and I got to the end of your post and read how much you like them. hehe, totally see why! :) Target has some great ones out right now too btw; if you're looking to replace them soon.

  7. Girl, you look BANGIN to me! Seriously that booty in those white jeans, whew! Don't sweat the weight. Like you said, it's a number. That's it!

  8. I love reading you because we are always on the same page. After breaking my ankle I gained 15 pounds. And I haven't lost any. Not one bit. It's so hard to stay motivated sometimes. But you look great and sounds like you're on track!

  9. I think you look great and sounds as if you are killing it in every facet of life so just keep going!! Ps love everything about this outfit.

  10. Like you said, weight is just a number. You've improved in many other ways since last year, and you're right... it is a work in progress! You look great!

  11. It's tough! Weight"gain" is never fun but you know Ra all about how you feel! And I you felt great before you saw those numbers that's all tht matters! Don't get yourself down! You are rocking it! Do whatever your skin is comfortable in!

  12. Everyone's "number" is different! Just keep doing what you're doing bc dang girl you look hawt! :)

  13. I think you look amazing and I'm very impressed with your weight loss story. I also struggle with the whole muscle weight thing because I work out like a fiend and get upset when I don't see results. But other people have told me how much better I look and that gives me motivation. So I'm telling you you look amazing and just to keep doing what you're doing :)


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