Friday, July 26, 2013

It's Official

 Summer is coming to a close, and while I know we still have all of August and half of September, I know these months will fly by, as this year has.

We (my boyfriend and I) are no longer dog owners.  We are in fact owned by our dog, and we are totally okay with it.

My stint of four consecutive four day work weeks is over, and I have to work five days next week. Not to worry after that I have two Friday's in a row off...sometimes life is rough.

I haven't actually relaxed in bed or on the couch and read my book in over a month, and it's slowly driving me insane...something about diving into other places, characters, and plots does it for me. Wanting to read this and this right now.

I never want to fold laundry again, ever. Four loads yesterday did me in, I am SO not ready to be a mom, I've heard four loads is a good day.

Fried egg with melted cheese on toast topped with salsa is my all time favorite breakfast, ever.
I could for sure eat it every day and never get sick of it.

College nostalgia is hittin' me real hard right now, is this what happens when your approaching a quarter century???   ...for the love of god my degree growing up.

I'm headed off to another bachelorette party in a few hours, and I am going to drink wine all weekend, eat like a queen, and not even feel bad about it.  Who cares how much you weigh right?

 The Nordstrom semi annual is too tempting...still craving this and these.  Neither of which I will probably buy, because I most definitely don't' need either, but a girl can dream.  If I had to choose, I'd pick the shoes....duh.

It's officially the start of my weekend. Time to party.


  1. I know exactly what you mean about needing that reading time. I am really looking forward to delving into a couple of books during my last couple weeks of freedom...
    - Rachel/ With Love, Rachel

  2. If I spend to much time being busy and not enough time reading and relaxing I get all grumpy and stuff. Looks like my weekend plans were cancelled this morning so I can see a lazy weekend in my future!

  3. dauuuumn, now that is a kiss. also come make me that brekkie sammie.

  4. I love how the pups turn it around... Oh, fur children. However, the larger kiddie pool we got Bella is also perfect for me sooo...not half bad :)

  5. i too am owned by a get used to it, I am hardly even bitter about it these days ;)

  6. That's my favorite breakfast too! And duh, of course the dog is in charge. Ours is the self appointed king of the house and head cat supervisor.

  7. Folding laundry is the WORST! Ugh!


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