Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Wait Hold On a Second...I'm Busy Living

 If someone told me today were March 3rd, I'd probably believe them.
Aside from the fact that it's already blazing hot outside and someone (cough, me) thought it'd be a great idea to bake two batches of cookies for the fourth of July get together that starts tonight.
Brilliant when it's supposed to be 110+....awesome

 You see, if I'm not mistaken I was just skiing with my family, on vacation in Brazil, and celebrating my future niece with friends and family.  Bottom line I'm just not sure where 2013 went.

Yesterday I had to activly stop and think about my age.
Like actually had to do that math, because I wasn't sure.
So different from the days you knew exactly how many days until your drivers license, you went to college, and could (legally) go to the bars. 
Totally unrelated, but totally awesome picture, Hi Nadine!!!
That's when I knew Mom was right.  Mom once told me that as you get older the years go by faster and faster, and she's right.  She said when she was holding her grand daughters just hours old, it felt like just yesterday that it was Glen, or I in her arms, and yet that was all 25+ years ago...

My New Year's resolution was to live in the moment, to appreciate what I had before it was gone. 
Now I am not saying my youth will be gone tomorrow (then again it might), but what I am sayin' is I need to appreciate my days in this moment, right where I am. 

Living happily with my boyfriend, Zoey girl, in our little house.
Because certainly before I know it, time will fly, and everything most everything will be different. 


  1. LOOOOOVE this. and yes i need to live in the moment. sometimes i forget to do that. life is flying by, it really really is.

  2. You and Helene are both right... It's crazy how fast everything goes by.. I know I have a bad habit of not just living in the moment but we really should because at some point we will all realize what we missed..

  3. I love you. And I'm sorry I missed your call yesterday cause I was busy sleeping and wait-for-it post surgery refinishing furniture. Who does that? Best picture from college? Love our 80s hair.

  4. Gahhh I'm feelin this post. I definitely get too caught up in shit that doesn't matter some days and need to just live in the moment more.

  5. So true! It is crazy that we have already gotten to the 4th of July! At this rate, tomorrow we may see the Christmas decor on display at Target. Sheesh!

  6. that picture is really funny. and that is a great reminder! I often wish time to pass and know that I'll look back and think how fast things went, so I should enjoy where we are now!

  7. I love this! I too, think it's so important to cherish what you have while it's in the moment because before you know it things will change up, and it won't be just the same. Great reminder for everyone! x


  8. I will say that going back to school with people who are a little bit younger than I am has allowed me to live in the moment more. I was busy being an old fuddy-duddy before school, just wishing for the next stage of life, but I'm kind of enjoying living in the moment with all of these young whippersnappers.

  9. Time does fly, so crazy fast. Sometimes I just want to say "Hold on, slow down a little!" But it won't, so you just have to make sure you aren't wasting time on unimportant things!


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