Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Me, A Wedding, and a Speech (We All Need Help)

From her Chicago Bachelorette Party
On Saturday my best friend little sister best friend is getting MARRIED.
And I can't even believe it, she's going to be a wife.
Seriously though, I've know here since the day she was brought home from the hospital, and now she's getting married, but I think you probably got that part.

On to the next. I'm giving a speech at her wedding, and I SUCK at public speaking.  Give me a group of sorority girls, a team at work, or a small crowd at a party and I am fine, but a group of people, many of whom I've never met and I stumble, stammer, stutter, and slur (especially after a few glasses of wine).

I've started writing it yesterday and I have 

Anyone have any good tips on how to write a good maid of honor speech?
I'll take all the help I can get.

P.S. Let's hope for a good showing at this wedding, remember what happened at the last one?


  1. The best ones I've seen are short and sweet, maybe start with a funny/embarrassing story about the bride and end on a sentimental note? Your guess is as good as mine.

  2. Aww congrats to your best friend! And it's so sweet that you get to give a speech! I would totally Google it. Best of luck!

  3. haha i am zero help to you. i get red and splotchy when i have to talk in groups. good luck :)

  4. i did one at my bf's wedding. but what I did is focus on the times we spent together and talked about that. this probably isn't that helpful but i'm trying!

  5. If you've ever watched sappy chick flicks together -- it would be super cool to "compare" the groom to these great romantic characters and show why "not stacking up" makes him the perfect guy for her!

    i.e., "Besides, who wants a man with hair like Noah from The Notebook? Shouldn't the girl always have the better hair? I think so."

    Good luck!

  6. Public speaking is my thang! (communications major) but I too still get nervous in public. Maybe focus on a moment/memory with her that always sticks out in your mind and why. Then lead that into her being a wife..culd be tear jerker or funny ;)

  7. I love funny speeches the best, but I haven't had to write one yet!


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