Friday, August 2, 2013

My Life in Numbers

I had grand plans of writing a post about how I want to work when I am a Mom, but how I also reserve the right to change my opinion of that in the coming years.  I even have one all written up sitting in my drafts, but then it just seemed all too serious a post for a beautiful summer Friday, so I decided not to. #bigwhimp

So instead I find myself eating breakfast (fried egg on toast with salsa, of course), trying to come up with something to write about. And then it came to me, take a page from the bestie.  
My life in numbers.
8 days until I have to give a speech at my best friend's wedding.
 I still haven't written it, I better get on that.

13 days until Nadine is here...gosh that isn't quite soon enough.

41days until I am officially a quarter century, gosh that sounds old.

2 loads of laundry down (I did them yesterday)
4 to go #ithinkicanithinkican #goshihatelaundry

130 calories in skinny cows chocolate Carmel bites, admittedly worth every single one.

7 miles run this week, down from the usual 12-15, and not feeling good about it.

1 more day of the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. I can resist the urge, I can resist the urge, I can resist the urge playing in repeat in my head.

3 trips the grocery store this week, and I forgot something every.single.trip. I need to start making better lists, or just go back to making lists in general.

90 cents off the gallon this week with Safeway Gas Rewards, when I can fill up for under fifty bucks, it's a BIG win ladies, but seriously I felt like I had just won the jackpot.

14 bucks for these cute shoes at Target, I didn't believe it was real at first either.

53 times I listened to this song yesterday without getting sick of it. Not joking.

3 measly blog posts this week, you can't win 'em all.

6 hours between me and the weekend, leggo.


  1. but you just had to put the nordy's link up too... ugh. and i was doing so well not looking, but riding boots are calling my name.

  2. I like this numbers stuff. And I can totally relate to the grocery store situation. I'd love to know if there are actually people out there who don't forget something every time??

  3. if i dont' make a list i always forget things!! 7 miles - still good! :)

  4. Love making lists- doing posts in numbers is a good idea! Have a fun weekend!

  5. I make lists for EVERYTHING except the grocery store. Totally why I end up going every single day.

  6. When I hit 80 cents off the gallon it was like the best day ever... and one more number for you..0. Zero more months I can go without seeing your purdy blonde head!


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