Friday, August 30, 2013

Top Ten Things I Still Love About My College House

Three years ago I moved out of this house to join the real world, and it was horrifying. Not only was I moving 'away' from college, but my bestie and then next door neighbor was moving too, the worst.  This house, and my room (the two windows on the right) defined my college life.

Here are my top ten memories in this house.

-Celebrated my twenty first birthday by drinking, playing beer pong, and eating pizza in the front yard (it was lawn back in the day). I wore a black bondage dress that zipped up the front. It was a classy scene to say the least, you mean that's not a normal birthday celebration?
-Vacuumed our kitchen, it had carpet, and I am pretty sure this is a first for any house, ever.  No matter how many times we vacuumed it, it never felt clean.

-Had my bestie next door, and I spent the last night of college running to and from her house in my underwear. The story behind this is not might not be appropriate for the le blog, time will tell.

-We spent spring days out in our front yard (told you it was grass) like this. When I wasn't working or in class that is.
-My bed was in a nook, which was perfection.  There is nothing better than a nook bed, except maybe the King size I share now, but in college everyone needs a nook bed with a light that has a pull string.

-Had four roommates (seen below), four bedrooms, and dun dun dun one bathroom. It made for an interesting year that's for sure, we got exceptionally close.  Man was Brad in over his head when he signed up to live with us three girls.
-Locked our roommates hockey pledges in the basement, hey it wasn't the girls idea.

-Taylor Lautner was our fifth roommate, he lived in the living room, I'll explain.  We had life size cut out that looked out the living room window to the street.  We wanted people to think there was always someone home.
-Random mac PhotoBooth sessions before going out were normal.  The roll taken this night was about 37 pictures, we may have been a little drunk before we went out.  Gosh those were the days...
-My Grandma once showed up in our front yard, remember I'm a local gal.  If that wasn't weird enough watching her start at my shirtless male roommate was. P.S. I'm totally going to be that old lady someday.

-Solved serious mysteries...seriously. What bars did we go to last night?
Can't believe it's been four years.
Loved that house, and will always love these memories.
Cant wait for our roommate reunion March 2014.


  1. ahhh this makes me miss living with my besties in college. we had so many photobooth shoots :)

  2. Fun times to remember...adorable little cottage house..I think we need to go in on one together..and we can escape there when we need to ;)

  3. This makes me miss my first college apartment!

  4. what a cute house! where did you go to school?

  5. Seems like you had a blast there! Ahh, I totally feel you.. there are places/things that hold so many memories that we try to hold onto them as long as we could. But it's always nice to recall, such as what you did here! :)

    Life in the Fash Lane

  6. Love this, it looks like so much fun! It makes me excited for college. Absolutely gorgeous house!


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