Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Five Small Things that are Better with your Bestie

If you haven't already heard that I spent Thursday thru Monday morning with this one you've probably been living under a rock you're probably dead.

And what does a Bestie make better. Simply everything.

1. Target Trips
When in college, I for sure spent exponentially more money (and time) at Target when I went with her.  But I just can't seem to find gems like pleather peplums, BB cream, and the perfect lip gloss without her. 

2. Car Concerts
Life Rule: When driving in a car, you are invisible to the world, so the moment when someone catches you rockin' out solo to the next overproduced overplayed hit, it's embarrassing. But when you're with your bestie, no shame.  It transforms from a embarrassing solo to a effing awesome duet.

3. Wine
Need I say more. Four bottles later the night we 'stayed home' may have needed the most Gatorade and ibuprofen in the morning.

4. Snuggling
 Three years later, it still feels totally normal to share a bed with her, despite the fact that I have been co-habituating with my boyfriend for close to two years.  In college no less than two three drunk nights a week ended with two blondes, one bed. 

5. Getting Dressed
Getting dressed alone is like getting dressed in the dark.  Unless my outfit has been copied off pinterest or inspired by a blog, I'll be lookin' a hot mess, or I'll text her to see what she thinks.  It's so much easier when she's here.


  1. awww this is so sweet and true. especially car concerts. this made me smile.

  2. Wine and getting sho. You ladies look gorg with your blown hair ;)

  3. awesome post! i love reason #2! lol

  4. You are so lucky to have a best friend! Hope you guys have been enjoying your time!

  5. This definitely makes me miss my best friend. Why can't plane tickets just be free?! Glad you guys had such a fun time!

  6. haha i totally saw two besties having a solid car concert yesterday and just smiled at them as they went on with the show. it made me happy.

  7. This makes my heart so happy. Miss you already.

    1. LOVE this! Glad you two had a blast!

  8. Yessss to all of these. Especially the being invisible in cars thing. Totally.


  9. I loved loved loved this post. In fact I am featuring it as my favorite post of the week on my blog tomorrow. Thank you for making me miss my bestie and give her a call.


  10. completely agree! i feel this way about my sister - especially the target trips!


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