Thursday, August 22, 2013

I Don't Save Lives or Change the World, But I Love What I Do

I'm still working for the same company I worked for during college, what's it to you.  No I'm not still making that wage, although it wasn't bad when I was a full time student and had all my job money to spend on useless things on shoes, at the bar, and useless trips to Target.  Gone are those days, hello car insurance, cell phone bill, and 401K.  Guess it's a good thing I am 'making more money' although to me it's debatable.
Now I won't tell you what I actually do IRL (in real life for all wondering), I have to keep some aspect of my life a mystery.  But I will tell you I am certainly not in the business saving lives, creating a cure for cancer, or studying the environment and figuring out how to preserve it, and I am totally okay with that.  I am doing something semi-related to my major, which according to google is not as common as you might think.

For all those who clicked the link, I apologize. Looking at the stats in the second link makes going to college seem like it was optional, like the customer service survey that Comcast invites you to take after the inevitable 37 minute technical support phone call you are about to endure.  On a more serious note, does anyone ever do that?
Did I mention that I bring this little girl to work sometimes too, well I do.

I have accepted that graduating college in the height of recession (that's an oxymoron if I ever heard one), with a soft degree had potential to be horrible.  Hearing stories of people with graduate degrees job hunting for months on end with no success,  people moving back home for lack of anything else to do, and any place else to go.  But hey that wouldn't be so bad, my Mom makes awesome food, irons, and my parents have a three car garage. I'd say that's living the high life, but then again maybe not. Would I really want to explain to my parents where I was if I hadn't come home...awkward. 
I'm in the business of enjoying the forty hours a week I spend away from my house, my family, my dog, and my life. The forty hours I spend with co-workers that often feel like family, and I the word office are often used synonymously with 'home'.  I'm not saying I have found my forever dream job, because of that I am not yet certain, but what I will say is I am continually challenged, engaged, and growing as a person and employee. I like my hours, and my company culture, and hey I get paid too.

For all you other folk out there, it'd be great if you could continue to preserve the environment, develop a caner cure, and saving lives, because heavens knows I'm not doing it. It takes all types of people to make the world go round, and that is simple a beautiful thing.


  1. i think this is a wonderful outlook. not everyone can like or even stand their job but having a positive attitude is awesome. and glad you like it at least a little!

  2. loving your job is such an amazing thing to be able to say! I love mine too and it makes life so much better

  3. We can't all be saving the world or curing cancer, but we can like what we do and make contributions to society.

    Personally, I work at a job that I don't hate going to, don't dislike what I do, do like most of the people I work with/for and is pretty stable. It affords me time and money to do things I really like to do and have a life. I do get to help people so that's nice.

    I love your outlook and think it's awesome you can bring your doggie.

  4. love that you are enjoying your job! i am still on the hunt to find one i truly love, but the people i work with make this one more enjoyable for now!

  5. Gah it's awesome that you love your job! I want what you have. Mine's alright, but I'm shopping around, ya know?

  6. Loved this! I start my first official post-law school gig on Monday and I am hopeful that I will enjoy it as you enjoy yours! Doubtful I'll ever get to bring my pooches though.. sad, sad.


  7. having a job you like or enjoy, even if it isn't your dream job is such a blessing these days! tre cool!

  8. Great outlook my friend...though I am not certain I am where I want to be career wise...I have been very fortunate to be able to grow in my company that pays for my education and paid for the rest of my husbands education. And did I mention my shoe collection is able to grow because of it also? ;)

  9. I'm so glad you have such a positive outlook with your current job! They say that if you love what you do, you won't work a day in your life- and I think that's (for the most part) a pretty true sentiment.

  10. This is a great outlook and I love that you can take your fun!

  11. It's awesome that you love your job! Not many people can say that.


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