Friday, August 23, 2013

Things That Are Only Exciting in Adult Life

Holy comfortable, our couch is here, and most all of me wants to cringe when I admit it was worth every single last penny, and it's been in our house for less than twenty four hours. I'll spare you pictures, because lets be honest, you've probably seen it already, and it's really not captivating, at all.

But isn't that what adult life becomes, moments that four years ago would have been as boring as cat using a litter box, somehow transform into monumental exciting moments in your life...gosh the grown up thing is really jammin' me up. And I digress.
What I am really excited about this weekend is laying on said couch and doing nothing.  My stint of a zillion busy weekends in a row that you are sick and tired of hearing about is over, and I am officially back to boring 'ole me. Amen to that.  Again we've come full circle to the adult life being really exciting thing. 

This picture is from last weekend, do you see the two of us on the ends with our hands on our hips, yup you've guessed it these are my sorority sisters.  I haven't seen in three years (utterly depressing) but we took shots, danced, and just chatted for hours last weekend, and it was awesome. Some things never change.  I hope we can still do this when we're older, and not three more years from now.  Because while it many have taken me a solid week to recover from this weekend, it was totally awesome, and showed me I can still hold on to some small vestiges of my college life, which makes turning a quarter century next month not seem as terrible as it is.

Aside from the fact that my new ID came, and it no longer has the red bar on it the screams Age 21 in (you do the math), which makes a bouncer look at your ID longer.  When there is no red bar, it's clear you've been twenty one for far too many years, and likely wasted enough money at the bars to have paid for an ten day cruise through the Greek Isles. Not a carnival cruise either.

Anyways it's Friday. And for that I am thankful, as for this adult life, I'm still settling into it, on my couch, of course.


  1. Your posts always make me giggle :) Glad you're lovin' that new couch!

  2. Yay for a new couch!!! Hey I get excited over things like that

  3. hahah it's so funny when you can tell who was in a sorority just by their pose or the fact that they can smile for at least 17 pics in a row without flinching ....also nothing wrong about being in love with a grownup couch!

  4. Awesome couch! I totally understand by the way! Hubby and I still have the same ratty one from our college days. We are in the market for one now and I've already got my eye on 2 different ones for "Christmas". Ah, the adult life! It's the little things! :)


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