Thursday, August 8, 2013

5 Things that are Better in the Summer

 Summer is exponentially better than most all seasons, 
except maybe winter for the skiing, but for now we'll just agree it's better.
 So here are five things that are better in summer.

1.  Reading-
 sure curling up by the fire and reading sounds fun, but I usually end up falling asleep. Give me a lounge chair by the pool or lake, and a book, and it's like I blink and I've finished the book.  I love it. Super relaxing, and getting a tan while doing it. It's simply called multitasking.

2. Going to the Movies- 
Let's not pretend like the movies are 'enjoyable' in winter.  Who wants a cherry slurpee when it's raining outside? Also why must theaters run the air conditioners year round? Lay off the AC in the winter Signature Six, it's just no necessary. But when it's triple digit heat, going to the movies is AMAZING.  Plus don't all the good movies come out during summer anyways? Insert Superman, Wolverine, Planes, and

3. Walks- 
I love walking Zoey, try to do it every day. Though when it's cold, and I can see my breath (it doesn't even snow where I live, and overall we have mild temperatures, you Mid-Westerners are hating me right now) it's hard to find motivation to get out there and walk.  Summer is always more fun, there are more people out, everyone is happy, and you don't have to wear rain boots or a parka. 

4. Dinner Dates-
 Sitting outside, need I say more. When the waitress asks, 'inside or outside', it's a no brainer, outside. 
In winter it's not an option. I LOVE sitting outside.

5. Road Trips-
 Traveling someplace by car isn't always fun, but when you can have your windows down, and awesome upbeat 'sing along songs', eight hours feels more like two and just like that you are at your destination, no worse for the wear.

Also get out there and enjoy summer, it won't last forever. 

This post was previously published as a guest post at For Lauren and Lauren


  1. i just feel like everything is better in the summer. except running when it is too hot...but those nice cool nights: best runs ever!

  2. Inside or outside? OUTSIDE! love that so much

  3. Summer movies are always the best..and nothing beats me sitting in my fur child's kiddie pool while I enjoyed a good book. And dinner our amazing date was an example of how good weather makes sitting outside and getting to know your blonde half even more amazing...until that bum started harassing us..haha! ;)

  4. Completely agree with this post. Nicely written, friend!

  5. how about almost everything?! gah, i love summer.

  6. road trips are 100% better in the summer time. Unless you have no AC (been there, suffered through that)

  7. I totally agree with all of these, especially dinner dates. I love sitting outside as well. And road trips in the winter seem more like punishment than anything.

  8. Ah, I love sitting outside on date nights too! We have a restaurant here that overlooks our Minor League baseball stadium and it is perfect for a nice dinner! :)

  9. i don't want summer to ever leave and as much as i love fall those people that keep wishing for it must be stopped.

  10. I definitely love all of these things in the summer! I can't believe how fast it's going, though...At least I love Fall too ;)

  11. Walks and siting outside for dinner are so much more fun in the summer! I feel like people are more friendly and much much happier!


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