Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My Adult First Day Of School Outfit

Shirt//Nordstrom (long ago)
Shoes//All Stars via Nordstrom
Necklace//Stella and Dot

Something about late August, early September just smells like school to me. Maybe it's the sixteen years I spent routinely starting school during this time, or maybe it's just my weirdo brain and senses that makes things up. Regardless classes are starting again, and I am celebrating the beginning of my fourth year of being a true tax payer not being a student. 
Wasn't it just yesterday that 3am bedtimes were not uncommon and mac 'n cheese constituted an entire food group.  And now a short while later 3am is closer to the time my alarm is set to get up then it is my bedtime.  How those four years snuck up on me like this, I will never be sure?

What I will say about school is the first day of school is the outfit was ALWAYS important, I mean how many of us have pictures on the front porch with our siblings of the first day of school from every.single.year of elementary, middle, and high school? Yup, that's all of you and if you don't have them you are the exception, not the rule.  

Looking back I'd say most of my ensembles were horrifying with one (or two) that resemble Doug from the old cartoon show Doug.  How I managed to look like a cartoon male in seventh grade, I will never be quite certain. Something about that bun with the plaid green shirt must have done the trick. It must not of helped that I looked to be competing in the extreme gel compeitition, but I just wanted to  secure all the pieces of the bun. Hashtag girl problems.

I can vividly remember what I wore on the first day of each of year of High School, you know the years that at the time seem like they will define your life, when years later you look back and wonder how the heck your parents ever dealt with you? Yup, I was one of those.  I rocked blue jersey knit shorts, with a plain white tank, and Birkenstocks the first day of my Senior year.  If that doesn't scream I'm sexy and I know it, I don't know what does. But I still suck at style and sexy, so what can I say, some things never change.

 If I were back in school this year, and lining up on the front porch for Mom to take a photo, that we couldn't see until later when she got the film developed at the local drug store, I wouldn't be wearing colored spandex shorts with a floral top from Mervyns, or socks with lace around the edges folded down.  I'd be rockin' this outfit. Boyfriend jeans (that I am tempted to distress myself, tips anyone?), All Stars, and a Tee-Shirt, because it's easy. And that's what I am all about, which sounds bad, but I meant easy style people. Get your head out of the gutter.

If you were going back to school. What would you wear?


  1. ahh yes, the first day of school outfit. I always got so excited about this (in college only since I wore a uniform any other time in school). I would rock some cute one direction tee, you know, if I was in middle school...

  2. You look awesome!! I love your bun, still trying to master that., :)

  3. Those jeans are super cute! I wish target jeans fit me so well!

  4. LOVE the 'do, love the necklace, and love the comfy adult school look ;)

  5. haha if you could put your doug photos up on the blog, i wouldn't hate it.

  6. I LOVE this outfit! The bun, with the converse, and jeans perfection! Happy Wednesday!


  7. until this year I still got to pick out a back to school outfit :) when i was in school i could have cared less and you could tell. like soccer shorts and a tee shirt. not cute!

  8. You're ability to wear converse makes me jealous. I look like I have boats on my feet! Love this back to school outfit :)


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