Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Labor Day Plans

I get to work all weekend long...
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No but seriously, if you tuned in last week, I don't hate my job, so it shouldn't actually be that bad, minus the whole 30 hours in two day thing, but hey once a year I can come out of my grandma ways and make s*** happen.

What I will say is having breakfast, lunch, starbucks, and dinner at your office is when you have reached a new high, or low whichever way you see it.  But seeing as how I am a glass half full kind of gal, I'll say it's a new high and continue to try to convince myself.

I normally don't leave for work until hours after most people get to work, which was affirmed when a client commented, "You really are a bankers daughter, you keep bankers hours." Compliment or insult, again I'm not quite sure.  Part of me wanted to be insulted, sorry my job isn't like yours sir.  Anyways, when I got to work three short minutes after 8 this morning, it was a miracle....now if only I can get here at 6am two days in a row.  I think I can, I think I can,

So when all of you have awesome posts of enjoying the lasts remnants of summer, I'll be skipping that and fast forwarding to fall...if only California weather turned to fall in September like it does back East...we'll get there someday.

So when I go missing later this week, don't be alarmed, I'll be at my office.  But if you don't hear from me by next Tuesday send out the search party. I'll probably be in shorts, and a target tee shirt, looking for some sleep and some sanity.


  1. 30 hours in two days?! Sheesh! That's a lot.

  2. oh lawd, good luck with that many house in such a short time period!

  3. 30-hours in two days?! Holy cow! What makes Labor Day Weekend so long for you guys? Good luck and hang in there!

  4. I wish you would be at my house for some Bunco instead...but your optimism just makes me love ya even more :)

  5. Bless your heart, your tougher than me!

  6. gggesshhh! This sounds like torture! Hope you make it through in one piece!



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