Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Global Weirding

Born and raised a 'California girl', it's clear this is all I have ever known, so yesterday morning at 10am when the sky opened up in to a down pour that lasted about five minutes, it was weird. Freaky Friday weird except Freaky Labor day weird, but that doesn't sound nearly as cool without alliteration.

As the day passed and I made my rounds to Target and Old Navy (I had to get in one some of those sales) the weather was hot and muggy, East Coast style.  And then the evening concluded with some thunder and lightening and a few more spouts of rain.  Seriously what is happening?
I would think this was totally ridiculous, then it hit me. Global Weirding is in full effect. It all started with Miley last week, then I had to work all weekend, and in less then ten days I will officially be closer to 30 than twenty which is scary.

As far as my birthday list goes, I haven't even really stopped to think about it.  I still have my eyes on the Roomba, a sweeping robot, sign me up.  And while most people want it for when their babies start to crawl, I want it so I can increase my laziness and never minimize the number of times I actually have to sweep.
I have a list of a few things at Old Navy that I want (this, these, and these). But I got a coupon this weekend, $20 off of $50 so I'll be using that soon, so I think I got those covered.

Aside from that I really want to take a photography class, and hang out with all my friends.
 I also want a meal (made by my Mom) that will conclude with an apple pie.  I guess what they say is true as you get older, birthdays aren't as big of a deal.  That is until I hit thirty of course, cause we're gonna have a BIG birthday bash when that happens!!!


  1. i want that roomba so bad!!! with dog hair everywhere it really does make sense and also, i'm lazy.

  2. but no really, sweeping is the worst. i hate it. beg for the roomba!


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