Monday, September 30, 2013

5 Things You're Cool Enough For That I'm Not

If this isn't the truth in life, then I'll quit blogging now.

I pretended was actually cool for a hot second this weekend with when I went to the blogger brunch that featured Nordstrom beauty because Mira made invited me. I would be WAYYY to scared to go alone. But I totally enjoyed myself, was out of my comfort zone, and affirmed that bloggers (even big ones) are actually totally down to Earth people, which is hard to remember sometimes in blogland.

What I will say, is this event made three things very clear.
ONE// Being a 'blogger' is fun.
TWO/ I need a bloggy business card...suggestions anyone?
THREE// I'm just not that cool.

I digress. Every. Single. Last blogger in that room was bringin' it, and rockin' it.  And this is when I discovered I'm not as cool as I thought. Because in a room of less than thirty woman there were five (plus) trends I noted that are so 'in' right now that I could NEVER in a ZILLION years pull off.  And here we go...

1. Dark, dark lips
The lady who was helping us at the Jo Malone sample counter (side note:currently thinking this one might need to come home with me) was reppin' a deep purple lip, like these. And it was stunning.  I was looking at her lips like most people looked at Bubba's in Forrest Gump, not because they were that big, but they were that eye catching. I totally wish I had the balls or the female equivalent to try it.

2. Faux leather leggings
They are so in, but these athletic legs are not long, lean, or in any shape (pun intended) ready to be squeezed into a legging that is going to draw attention to them.  We (myself and I that is) work hard not to show just how trunk like the two things attached to the hips are. But dayum they look sassy, classy, and frassy (in all honesty I just needed another rhyming word) on every one else. Keep rockin' 'em ladies.

3. Wedged Sneakers
Although I am firm believer that no one will ever rock these as well as Gwynn Stefani, I will say most everyone I see wearing them, pulls them off. I would look like an elephant in a moon suit. Not literally, but the idea is I would look plain silly in them. But secretly I admire them and any person with enough courage to wear them.

4. Bangs
Every fall I toy with the idea (key word here idea) of getting bangs. I never pull the trigger because us thin hair gals, have to use all the hair we go to make it look full. But there is something about the cooler weather (if we ever get it) that encourages the dawning of hats, hipster glasses, and loose sweaters, all of which look way more 'fierce' for lack of better descriptor, with bangs.

5. Track Pants
I'm still not certain this is a style that I will ever think is cute on anyone.  So seeing as how I don't like it on anyone, I certainly wouldn't like it on myself. Anyone with me on this?

Until next time cool bloggers, I'll be at the other table.
Or my desk, because it's Monday.


  1. Wait, track pants are a 'thing'? I'm clearly not cool enough to ever have known this. And I'm with ya on the leather leggings. They make my thighs look 604x larger than normal in a not-cute way

  2. I love the look of leather leggings...but just can't pull off the look! And it kind of makes me sad. But my short little legs can't handle that look...

  3. Eh....bangs are the only thing I may ever want to try on that list. You rock it more by not conforming anyway. Track pants and platform sneakers? Leave em to the Spice Girls.

  4. i want to be able to rock the track pant so bad, it just looks so comfy, but i know i would look like a slob.

  5. but all of these.... yes, im so with you on this.

  6. 1. Jealy about the awesome blogger brunch. 2. I am not cool enough for colored lips either, but you best believe we will rock faux leather leggings together one day! 3. Miss you to pieces.


  7. Wedge sneakers?! Track pants?! Some people need to really reevaluate these trends. I could never.. Nor am I brave enough to rock the dark lip and faux leather leggings.

  8. I totally didn't know that "dressy pajama track pants" were a thing. I'm not cool enough for any of these either!

  9. I also always want to get bangs but I'm afraid my hair isn't thick enough :( As for wedged sneakers - they only worked for me when I was 10 years old and trying to copy the Spice Girls lol
    x Nats

  10. I def wouldn't get bangs I have long thick hair but I think my face is too round to be able pull off bangs. The leather pants? Ick no. Wedge sneakers?! ahhhh no. Track pants? NOPE. Dark dark lips? ehhhh I don't think so, I like light lips I don't do dark things. The darkest I've gone was probably a deep red I wore for a sweet 16 (sock hop themed).


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