Thursday, September 19, 2013

Plunging Toilets with your Grandma

If you don't think this exemplifies quality bonding time with your grandma, then you can't sit with us, and we can't be friends.

Last night, my grandma had me over for dinner, and I can't say no to this.  Mostly because she's my Grandma, and also because she is hands down the best cook in the whole world.  I thought it was going to be an intimate setting she and I. So when the table was set for five I was a bit surprised, my Uncle and an old friend of his from High School would be joining us. 

And this is how my night ended. Now I am not blaming anyone, but not my Uncle, nor my Grandma, or myself had used the restroom during our four course meal, but when I got up after dessert (and just before all the other guests left) to use the restroom, I found the toilet in desperate need of a plunge.

I let the pair of guests leave, and then told my Grandma I needed a plunger, to which she replied, well Thanks for letting them leave first, you handled that very diplomatically. (<--she's just that PC).

And here you have it. Three cleaning supplies, two gals, one plunger, and a clog free toilet.

On a complete separate note, I am trying to take a page from Raven's book and not overwhelm a post with already seen instagram footage, but this was just too good.


  1. ohh god. that's so funny. and i have no problems with pics from instagram ( i do break that rule a lot)

  2. HAHAHAHA. This is hilarious. Not going to lie, my grandma often describes her bowel movements and has no problem telling people when she has problems of the toilet variety. You two look like you're having fun, which is crazy! should be a plunger commercial!

  3. haha way to at least not call them out while they were there and you will get double the points for helping your gma!!!!! this is too funny though.

  4. Your grandmother's laugh in this photo is priceless!


  5. LOL! This is definitely an instagram pic that needed to be respoted on your blog!! awesome!


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