Friday, September 6, 2013


For those that follow me here already know I chopped my hair off, this whole birthday thing my be hitting me harder than I thought.  How does someone with short hair have four inches to cut? My hair dresser is the only one who will ever know.  But I love it, and am just a wee bit sad that buns may no longer be possible. I won't give up without a valiant attempt, pinkie promise.
Among other things, this weekend marks the first weekend of the official NFL season, which means I'll attend my normal one or two games (courtesy of my boyfriends family), and I'll love every single beer and second of football (and tailgating).  No but seriously we always have a blast.

This is the first of two (or maybe three) consecutive four day works weeks, which no one can complain about.

It took me five years of having an iPhone to finally crack a screen. It happened when I was getting out of the car in my very own driveway, now tell me how did this not happen during the years of drunken escapades at the bars in college? Maybe the 5s is in my future?

It's Friday, and we're going to my parents for dinner...and I can't even wait for it. Homemade apple pie. Just stop right is 5:30 yet?


  1. You look great! Say hi to the parentals :)

  2. I love it. I may copy you at my next hair appt.

  3. Love the hair! Cute & sassy!! And sounds like you havve a fabulous weekend planned!

  4. I just love your hair. I chopped all mine off a few months ago and the longer I keep it short the more I love it. It's so easy to manage!


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