Monday, September 9, 2013

The Seven Unoffical Rules of Tailgating

Tailgating is a culture that I have yet to master, but I rocked it out yesterday. My college didn't have a huge tailgating culture, one regret of not going to a Southern School or Oregon State, and I didn't spend much time at MLB or NFL games growing up either.  But what I do know about tailgating, I love.  The idea is simply flawless.

1//EVERYONE IS FAMILY. You could show up alone and leave with twenty three new best friends. There is not rule of not talking to strangers, if they're in red or gold, they're family. No questions asked.

2//COCKTAILS REQUIRED.  Always have a cup in your hand, always. If you don't your group, or new found friends will give you shit, and then fill up your cup. Just drink.

3//EAT THE FOOD. It's usually delicious, but if for some reason it's not, still eat it. You will for sure be drinking beers in the stadium and after 4-5 hours of tailgating you'll need something in your stomach.

4//THERE IS NOW FLOW OF TRAFFIC. The parking lot flow of traffic and parking spaces are like traffic lanes in Cairo, they don't exist. Every man for himself, but don't work those drunk hooligans that have already been out there for hours will help you along.

5//NO PURSES ALLOWED. Do not bring in a purse. Just a phone, ID, cash, and lip gloss

6//BE AGGRESSIVE At the stadium you are a human sardine, if you don't make moves, you won't move.

7// Have water in the car. It'll save your life.

And here's to a great NFL season!


  1. If there isn't booze or a hotdog in your are in the wrong place ;)

  2. If you're in the South, you gotta dress up! We planned our gameday outfits more than a week in advance. It's a large part of the fun. I agree about the "no strangers." Errbody loves errbody.

  3. The new purse rule is killing me! We went a few weeks ago and I thought my bag was small enough. Of course it wasn't and we had to go back to the car. It's a miracle Tyler didn't call off the wedding right then and there


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