Friday, September 13, 2013

How my ID Stole My Youth

  If you had asked if I was excited to be twenty five, I'd sure as hell tell you I wasn't. It might be that my new ID came in the mail and it doesn't have the red line that says Age 21 in 2009. (The red line that lives on my OLD ID screams, I'm still young please look at my ID closer). Or it might be that I am half way to fifty, either way it was gettin' to my head.  But I figured if Nadine could survive it, I could too.
Shared Words of Wisdom.

But as my birthday (yesterday) came and went, I realized it wasn't going to be so bad.  My day was perfectly normal from beginning to end.  Except for my new watch (he must read my blog), the Starbucks waiting on my desk, the door decorating, surprise lunch, princess balloon (now I know what my office really thinks of me), dinner date, and night spent by the fire,  among other things.
(please note, the watch)
And how else do I feel about 25? Or 24, after reflecting on it.
I won't bore you with that crap, because the truth is, I haven't given either much thought.
I'm still just sitting here dumbfounded trying to figure out how I went from 24 to 25 so quickly, it was like I blinked, and boom an entire year passed.


  1. love the new watch. and don't worry, i just turned 25 recently and it's not that different. just more wine and that's not a bad thing.

  2. That text may be the most accurate statement I have ever seen! Happy Birthday!

  3. Hello gorgy watch!!!! 25 looks fab on you friend!

  4. Happy birthday! I'm scared to turn 24 on the 19th....

  5. Happy birthday! One day you will look back on this and say...I want to be 25 again! Oh and also, that text must be from someone older......but wise :)

  6. When I turned 25 I really battled with it. I am not sure why but I found it a real challeneg but then I got to 26 and things were still challenging but different challenges. I guess we're really adults now * sigh*


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