Tuesday, September 24, 2013

A Few Things...and a Meltdown

I confess last week I had a mental break down. Like serious uncontrollable tears running down my face, sobbing into the pillow, and borderline hyperventilation, and still have a boyfriend.  Call it girl, hormones, or quarter life crisis, whichever way you slice it, I am batshitcray.

I've abandoned my blog recently. Part of me feels really bad, and the other part of me feels incredibly liberated.  The dichotomy of blogging continues. Anyone else feels the woes of the hobby? And I'm still considered a small blog. How do all you big time gals do it?

Worked an evening event on campus last night. A freshman pep rally to be exact. They were born in 1993, part of me died inside. I have cognitive memories of 1993, I was rockin' pink spandex shorts, with my bangs clipped back and a lion king shirt (also pink to match said spandex). Or the outfit seen above. And these kids weren't even alive. What the ____?

Been doing lots of crafting recently, and have been loving the hobby lobby that is now less than five miles from my hours. Seriously a dangerous place.  I am going to make this for the two baby showers I have coming up. Fingers crossed they turn out.

Been tryin' this thing called yoga. Something about downward dog, just seems dirty. Also there is nothing relaxing about taking a vinyassa, that shit is hard.

We're still in the mid eighties over here in CA, please someone send us all things fall.

Oh and while we're on the topic of fun things. I cracked my iPhone screen, windshield, and DSLR all in one week. Now if that's not awesome, I'm not sure what is. Good news is bad things come in threes....or so they say.


  1. it just isn't a hobby it becomes a job and sometimes i hate that. but i do love it. sorry about your phone :(

  2. Sorry for your meltdown and your screens :( That is definitley the worst. Maybe now you can upgrade to the new iPhone. Hope you feel better soon!

  3. meltdowns are good for the soul (once in a while) hope you're feeling revived now! also, blogging is hard to keep up with, especially when it is just a hobby on the side

  4. I ditch my blog often. Real life is more important. Don't even stress! Also, meltdowns are occasionally necessary. Hope you're doing better now!

  5. Friend...meltdowns need to be followed with an awesome blate. Sorry for not so fun stuff lately, but I still can't wait to see your crafty ways in action! :)


  6. It sounds ike your week is getting better! And Hobby Lobby is like crack, so that should always make you feel better!

  7. Oh no! I hate that you cracked all three of those things :( And I completely agree about yoga...that shizzz is hard.

  8. I struggle with the blog overload as well! I love it, but recently I seem to have ZERO free time during the week and when I do I'm ready for bed... I don't know. I have yet to find the perfect formula

  9. there is a million times a month where I want to throw my computer down and quit my blog. hang in there girl, every one deserves blog breaks!!!

  10. Sorry to hear you've been having a rough time but it really IS true, what doesn't kill you makes you stronger!
    My soul just died a little when you pointed our the year that freshmen were born! OMW I feel old ... :( lol

    x Nats


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