Tuesday, September 10, 2013

10 Reaons I Love My Small Town

You all know, I'm a local gal, who grew up, went to college, and started my career in the same town.
Hate on it all you want big city ladies, but it's what I've known, experienced, and love, for almost a quarter century (my ovaries just cringed), and it's what I love.  Here's why.
1. Simplicity- There's nothing complicated in a small town (except maybe the gossip), but every day life is just as it sounds, simple. And while it might sound cool to grow up in a big city, small towns can be cool too.

2. What's That You Say. The hustle and bustle of large cities can wear and tear on you. Nights interrupted by city cars and honking Taxi's among others things is nice to visit, but not for me. The quiteness of a small town is refreshing and revitalizing. Although it can be a hassle for college kids wanting to rage, but if the PD wasn't called out of for noise seven times on a Friday night what else would they fill their time with?

3. One High School. Who doesn't want to know every single last High School kid in their town? It makes social life that much easier. See picture above
4. Biking. In those awkward pre-teen years you don't have to rely on parents to cart you to and from your friends houses you can bike. Though it didn't seem cool at the time, you'll soon learn they are awesome.

5. Driving Around (and making curfew) Getting from point A to point B is easy and probably definitely takes less than ten minutes. This is ideal for running errands, going to grocery store, and making curfew.

6. The Paper (if you have one). We've got a small local paper, that on an given day you chose to pick it up and read, you'll recognize at least three names and maybe even more pictures. And the news is like Eigth time Little League Coach begins his ninth season. But Seriously.

7. The Eats, it's not hard going out to dinner. There are only so many restaurants to choose from and when most of them are in the same two genres of food  (Thai and Sushi) it's a pretty easy choice.

8. Shopping. It's not hard to shop local, but it isn't easy either. There isn't a huge mall, or even many 'chain' stores. Although when the Target (the town fought it for YEARS) went in (three years ago now) lives were changed forever.

9. The Town Is Your Family. In a big city your probably just another somebody on public transit, in a small town you're a somebody (which can work both for you and against you, I'll tell you that much right now...you try calling in your own abcense when your Mom knows the attendance lady). But in times of need, the whole town comes together and makes things happen. It sounds cheesy, but is oh so true.

10. Time. In a small town time comes and goes. Life isn't rushed through, there is no true hurried or rushed feeling flowing through the city.  Time is measured by the number of swim meets that weekend and the annual return of the college students.
 P.S. And then just when you think you're not cool for staying your entire life, you realize all your closest friends are moving back...and then you don't feel so bad.


  1. love it. i miss my small town! I will probably be that person who moves back eventually. and it seems to happen a lot, people leave for a few years, then come back.

  2. I love that we decided to buy our house in a small town... we can literally hear cheers from the one high school stadium from our house...I love it.

  3. there wasn't even a stop light in the city i grew up in :) i know all about this small town thing!!!!

  4. Love my small town for a lot of the same reasons!!

  5. I grew up in a small mountain town and I have to say these points hit spot on. I love my little piece of heaven and the simplicity of life.


  6. This is adorable. Selfish question: why am I not in that last picture?!

  7. I moved away from my small town after high school but I do miss life there! I loved knowing everybody and if you needed a doctor, lawyer, orthodontist, or anything like that, it was automatically one of your friends' parents.

  8. Whattt I thought you lived in Sac?? What small town are you from? :) And, all of these made me kind of lust for small town life.


  9. I loved growing up in a small town, but couldn't wait to get away from it!! Mainly bc my ex husband is tthere haha. It was also in the top 10 worst cities to live in if you're single!


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