Wednesday, September 4, 2013

A Date with Dad

The perks of being a local gal are random lunch dates with your Dad, home cooked birthday meals, among a zillion other things that I can't think of at the moment because there are so many it's hard to nail just one down.  So when Dad called yesterday inviting me to 'lunch his treat', I couldn't say no.

It's weird sometimes having lunch with my Dad thinking just how long he's known me, and how he has coached me (literally and figuratively) through every life phase so far.  Sometimes I wonder what he might think. While I know most every parent defaults to 'proud', which I am sure he is; I wonder what other thoughts float around up there in that head of his.

And as we approach the three year anniversary of his open heart surgery I can't help to think how special his is, and just how blessed we are to have him with us, in simply perfect health.



  1. i love this outfit. perfect date with dad. And so amazing he is in great health after 3 years!!

  2. always say yes to free lunch with dad!!!!

  3. I love your shoes!!! And I love that your dads heart is happy and healthy!! xox

  4. What a great classic and adorable outfit! And what a sweet note about your dad. Now that I'm older, I wish I were closer to my parents - I would even take a 4 hour drive to them at this point! (It's a 14 hour drive or 2 hour plan ride) But it does make me cherish the times I do see them.

  5. There is something about a knotted tee and a pencil skirt that looks fab on you.... ;)


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