Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What I Wore: Trouble With Technology

As our technology continues to advance, I realize the (new soon to be mine thanks to a cracked screen) iPhone 5S has more pixels in the camera than my point and shoot (used for these pictures) that I bought less than two and half years ago. Seriously making my four year old MacBook Pro (from college) feel obsolete.  Just to clarify, I will be using it 'til it dies, and hopefully that is more than a year out.
Sometimes I forget how fast technology is changing and how hard it is to keep catch up.  I was so proud of my Mom when she finally mastered the art of texting a picture, it was almost like a we needed a celebration equal to the size of my college graduation party. But seriously, she spent a solid year emailing pictures, in lieu of texting them, and didn't get the difference.

P.S. Oh a complete side note, these booties are the cutest things ever, Target delivers again.
Not only are they affordable, but comfy and perfect with colored denim, dresses, leggings, boyfriend jeans, etc. There will be a how to wear them in the future.

Oh and until I get the camera back, this bloggy of mine might be a little dull or out of focus.


  1. i am right there with you on the ancient mac waiting for its death. you forgot to mention how expensive keeping up with technology can be!

  2. Don't get too caught up in the MegaPixels. They don't matter that much - it's just a fun way to make your product seem cooler. Once you start getting above 10, the only use is if you're planning on blowing up your image to the size of a house.

  3. Yeah I need a new Mac Book soooooo bad....but....I can't realy justify it because it works perfectly, I just want the NEEEEWWWW one!!

    ps you look great!!

  4. Yay for the necklace!!! Love how you styled it..and those say I love would be an understatement.


  5. Haha oh this is so my same problem! I am like the least "millenial" millenial ever. Basically all cool new technology is completely lost on me... It's kind of a problem.
    But oh, Target is my go-to spot for trying new trends without forking over an arm and a leg. I picked up some leopard print flats a few weeks ago and I'm already in love!

    j. parker


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