Friday, October 18, 2013

Thank God.

When I hear religious people say, "Thank God," I makes me feel a lot better about saying it.  What drives me nuts are those looks some people give you for saying it that makes you feel like a bad person, yeah I hate that. It's like they are saying more mean things with their eyebrows than they'd ever have the balls to actually say to you in person.

So I apologize in advance to you crazy eyebrow turning hooligans, thank God it's Friday.  Although this week has been full of fun stuff like crafting for the party, red velvet cupcakes, and date night take out, I'm still ready for it to be over so I can fluff, primp, and prep my little heart out.

No my bed doesn't look like this, but I have the duvet.
Aside from the three loads of laundry I still haven't put away, the curtains that haven't been hung, the grabbing of the groceries, cleaning the kitchen, cooking, and baking I'm totally ready to have everyone over.  But as I sit here typing this, I just can't seem to get to any of it done before work.

You see this morning marked the first 'long sleeve shirt running weather' which is awesome because it means it was actually cold enough this morning to make my bed feel extra warm and cozy.  So instead of popping right out of bed to run my first alarm, I waited 'til the fourth one which I am sure my bedmate boyfriend really appreciates.

So of course the only logical thing to do after my run and shower was to get back in bed under our new duvet, and cozy up to write this, which is where you would find me for the rest of the day, if I had my choice.  But since that's not the case I'll be running around like a chicken with her head cut off, oh and going to work, until I have every last detail squared away.

But based on this morning there is a slight glimmer of hope that fall is coming to CA, which would be a heaven send. I'm going to wear tall boots, and a blazer today just to urge it to come.  I am so sick of the heat, short sleeves, and sandals it's ridiculous. And yes, I am aware that all of you East Coasters who have now been living in fall for weeks are cursing these words as you read them. I'm sorry, I guess it just proves that CA really is the best state. I'm just sayin'.

Also it's now 8:30 and I haven't gotten dressed yet (yup that means I've been writing this in my undies), so I should probably hop out of bed and get to it... gosh darn you Friday. You've already gotten the best of me.


  1. Love the new duvet! And yes...After this long Indian Summer..I'm ready for Fall in Cali. You sure do like to flash your undies everywhere don't you ;)

  2. I love love love that bedding!

  3. That bed is perfect. Saaaaawoon.
    Is it weird that I'm looking forward to moving out and growing up so I can own fancy covers and duvets? Whatevs.

    xo fal •

  4. west elm always has the best things. i want all of the things from west elm.


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