Tuesday, October 15, 2013

On Babies

The idea of growing a baby is intimidating.  Talk about the actual labor and delivery, and I'm out.  I'm so not cut out for this. Don't get me wrong, I want kids (yes plural) someday, emphasis on the someday.
Clearly she loves FaceTiming with me.
In blog world babies are everywhere, it's not until they (babies) start showing up on your Facebook news feed that you'll freak out (right Nadine?).  Mostly because you know that these babies weren't mistakes, they were intentional, planned, not a surprise, which is another indicator that nope, I'm not getting any younger.
While the idea of being a Mom still intimidates me, I wonder if the feelings on motherhood every really change? Isn't the whole premise of being a parent intimidating-- being responsible for another life, shaping a personality, leading by example, teaching morals, but mostly keeping them alive, healthy, and happy, this just doesn't sound easy. 

And while there are some days that this seems near impossible for my little mind to process, it's happening all around me. In blogworld every season in baby season, but in real life baby season (for me) is right now.  If it were contagious, I'd have it.  My boyfriends cousin and sister are both due in the next 40 days, my niece is just barley 3 months (and the cutest thing ever), and Andrea is about ready to pop too (call if you need me).

The past two weekends were filled with family and baby showers; words like boppy, Sophie, and Bjorn don't even phase me even more...what is happening?  Insert internal freak out here.  The beauty of all these babies, is the excuse to browse the baby sections at Target, and how much I've been using my sewing machine.  This baby stuff can be so expensive, so I've been making the gifts myself, like this car seat cover I made for Andrea. How To coming soon.

So until I'm ready to be a Mom, I'll just borrow the babies I have around me (soon to be four of 'em)! I'll shop and sew for them, and come back home to my baby (Zoey that is), and drown her in hugs, and loves, and rubs, 'til I'm we're ready for a real one. It'll be a while, I promise.


  1. i'll just be the cool aunt for a few more years. i can't handle the thought of shaping the life of someone else!

  2. it is really fun to just be able to play with babies, buy them things and enjoy them before having your own! and being an aunt is the best!!

  3. Love that little nugget so much :)


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