Monday, October 7, 2013

Why My Dog Isn't Lady Like

She's totally mastered the teenage, 'Mom I can't believe you are blogging saying this right now' look. But I won't cave to it.   You see, Zoey can be sorta a shy at times (she doesn't like me talking about her much), and while as much as she'd like to think she's a bad ass, she's totally worked by every cat in the yard, and owned by all dogs, especially those smaller than herself.

I like to think it's her modesty coming out, but I am sure a dog physiologist (side note, I can't believe this is actually a profession) would tell me otherwise.  Bottom line: Our dog is not lady like.

DISCLAIMER: none of these positions were practiced or posed.  Additionally there pictures were all snapped quickly with my phone when I walked into the room and found her advertising.

I'm not even really sure where she learned all of this, certainly not from her mother.  She didn't learn to burp after every single meal from me either.  P.S. it's usually in my face (because I am snuggling her).  But I love her.

Also. This last one is certainly the worst, but true life, this is how we found her one morning on the couch. Seriously WTF mate?  Now that Zoey isn't really a puppy, these pictures are way more incriminating and inappropriate (see above).  And while 'technically' she still is still a puppy, she's not fourteen two yet, normal people deem her significantly less 'oodle worthy' and baby voice deserving than actual puppies (the ones that look little).  Which, by the way, isn't at all true or fair, but since you probably get what I am saying, just agree, and keep reading.

Isn't she precious though, I mean seriously?


  1. I love her sweet face and all her unlady like ways...she can come over and her and Bella can have a burping contest.

  2. bah that last one. so scandalous.

  3. Sounds like my dogs! They fart and burp constantly...not exactly lady like but they are so cute so oh well! Zoey is adorable :)

  4. that one on the couch. perfect. had me giggling out loud!

  5. Our little (big) girl incessantly licks her own crotch. It is soooo embarrassing. We have to got over and physically move her head away from it to get to her stop! UGH!


  6. I can't believe that I'm admitting this, but my beagle farted/possibly sharted on my face last week, and people wonder why my weim is my favorite?? And watch your dog, I may come steal her, she's adorable!


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