Monday, October 28, 2013


Check out those shutters.
They look pretty damn good, I'm just sayin'.
Amazing what some black plastic can do to the front of a home right?

I spent 45 minutes ordering these them about two weeks ago (ten day delivery in my dreams) at the local Home Depot.  I walked in with the exact dimensions and type of the shutters I needed, ask me how it still took the Home Depot man 45 minutes to get my order placed, I'm not sure sure. There was no line.  

But what I will say is they made us both VERY happy. We had no idea that such a small addition to the house would make such a big difference with curb appeal, which is weird because we log about 4.7 hours of HGTV per week; those Cousins on Call are pretty darn cute talented.

Our house is really coming along. A coat of black paint on the front door, one more day of work on the deck, and a few other small things here and there inside, and it will finally be 'done' after almost three years of changes.  I love calling this little bungalow home though, something about it's charm and small (relative) size that is so cozy, and easy to clean, which can be equally as charming in it's own domestic way.  

In other news this weekend there is a new little one in the family, born healthy less than an hour into Sunday. And he gets to head home this morning.  Lots of blessings to count as the Holidays approach. Can't believe they are here already.


  1. Loooooove the cute little shutters you added!!!! So simple yet such a stand out touch. You are getting very HGTV on me my friend..and I love it.

  2. but for reals though, they make such a huge difference and hardly (i say that lightly) any work!

  3. Your house is so cute! Also congrats on the new little one in the family :)

  4. Awww your house is sooo cute!!!! Do you live on T? It looks like the cute houses on T st :)


  5. your place is so cute! i'm especially jealous of the front yard:) There is something so satisfying about home improvements, especially when you're almost done with them!

  6. They look great. Love the house!

  7. Normally I just read your blog on Bloglovin and have no time to get around to commenting because of my little life change called teaching. (Insert 20, 10 year olds who are demanding all of my time.) Anyways, I seriously ADORE your house!!! Here in Dallas there are no "homey" houses like yours. Seriously our house is just like every third house in our neighborhood. Yuck. I am dying to have a house like yours! I guess we are just going to have to move...

    Seriously though. Amazing.

  8. The shutters really give the house another dimension :) Nice one
    x Nats


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