Thursday, October 10, 2013

Things Parents Should Tell you In High School

 If this picture doesn't define the word awkward, I don't know what does.

Braces suck while they are on, but a lifetime of straight teeth is totally worth two years of brace face in High School. But oh yes, they'll look terrible all two years you have 'em, but they won't get stuck on your boyfriend's, promise.

You want your boobs to grow yes, but a push up bra will work.  In reality, you don't want boobs too big, they'll get in your way.  If you really want 'em bigger after kids, get the best surgeon there is.

Even in 'adult life' there are those people who drive the nicest cars, and beep bop around like they are better than you, just like they did in High School when their parents bought them a brand new car on their sixteenth birthday. Don't let it get to you, they'll probably always be that way.

Drinking isn't really that cool after all, you'll do WAYYYY too much of it in college.

Your High School boyfriend, probably will date some bimbo girl you don't like after he dates you. And you'll freak out for a second, and then be totally over it once college happens.

Making new friends isn't hard, but making true friends is. Keep the ones you have.

The High School years do not qualify as the glory years, that's college where you don't stress about health care, 401k, or a mortgage. And your priorities are Wednesdays Funk night at the local bar, class, and the upcoming sorority event.

'The Girl Club' while annoying at sixteen, is actually something to celebrate in later years. If you've seen sixteen and pregnant, you too would think it's a blessing.

If you think you love your boyfriend, you should probably wait (you know what I mean), because you're probably not going to marry him. Unless you are my parents, clearly the exception, not the rule.

Pimples last a lifetime and even if you are blessed with nice skin, you'll still get the occasional pimple in college, mid twenties, and from everything my Mom tells me pretty much the rest of your life.  They are still a crisis in your twenties, trust me.

And at that I currently I have four pimples.
Happy Darn Thursday.


  1. Yes, to all of this. Just yes.
    Couldn't have said it better myself.

    Ps. I wanna run into all those beepop wanna be cool people's cars with a shopping cart.

    xo fal

  2. i had braces for 6 years. not cool.

  3. This is completely true. I thoroughly enjoy your blog.

  4. Love the drinking one. I always wanted to drink so bad but never did because I was way too scared of getting caught haha. Def made up for it in college.

  5. Making new friends isn't hard, but making true friends is. Keep the ones you have.

    That's my favourite part of your post! But I completely agree with you :)

    x Nats ~ coraltintedperceptions.blogspot.con


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