Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Current Wants and a Starbucks Giveway!!!!

Yup due to lack of camera energy and effort I have been spending on this little cyber space over here, I have no fabulous outfit to debut.  Which is okay, because if I were telling the truth, there were truly no fabulous outfits over the past week, because we're 'tweening. 

Tweening is that awkward time between Summer and Fall that has all us blogging ladies confused. What the heck do we wear?  Well this little list are a few of the things I've been eyeballing.  Doesn't mean any of them are going to be coming home with me any time soon. Although the vest is really yanking my chain. I am afraid Target wins every.single.last.time. Just click the link people, just do it.

As per other things happening, I'm officially on baby/bridal shower over load. Back to back baby showers this weekend and next, and then topped off by a bridal shower.  Guess it's just that time of year, although I guess your middle twenties it's like this all year long, so help me gawd.

In the meantime I'll be eating lunch with Andrea, sewing, and crafting for days.

P.S. Did you enter my Starbucks giveaway over here?


  1. that vest is perfection. target does it again

  2. Loving that vest! And how can I resist entering in anything that has to do with Starbucks?!

  3. I hear you on 'tweening. I was kind of amazed that I could wear jeans today, only to discover that it is now to warm for them.

  4. Seriously, that vest is amazing! And only $35?? Target, you win. Too bad I don't need it since it never gets below 60 degrees where I live. And 'tweening?? What a perfect way to describe it!

  5. I need that vest right now!! You always have the best Target need to be my Target sherpa

  6. Love that shirt! and the vest. and the shoes. ugh so cute.


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